Hui Yi was only unmarried actress has a son in January broke the wedding
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Recently announced on January 15 next year wedding actress Xu Yi Korea South Korea only recently broke the news media has been cherished 3 months pregnant, will become a mother in the summer of 2011. Lee Hui Yi was the fiance is an entrepreneur Xu Yi before it was more than 7 years old, they start is to contact the prerequisite of marriage, so Hui Yi was pregnant and the news that both sides are very happy family. It is learned that Xu Yi was held recently with her fiance to meet both parents set a wedding date of the ceremony to begin the wedding for next year in January and July to prepare for the birth of a child. Hui Yi was graduated from Dongguk University Drama Film professional in 2007 with TV drama "Palace S" debut, and later starred in the "Sunflower" and other works, by virtue of outstanding beauty was the "second Kim Tae Hee" in the title