I will choose my wedding style wedding resolve five
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Modern social life very busy, a lot of new people have chosen to hold weddings in the hotel, both to reduce the burden, but also gives a good impression. Step on the red carpet hand in hand selected and love of people spend a lifetime, is the world how good things, and a sophisticated and romantic wedding is the dream of many new hearts. However, in the form of wedding is a major event involving two people, so advance planning and consultation is necessary. Five-star wedding Select five-star hotel to do marriage is? While cost is not low, but people can dream come true! In when the bride, the groom of the day, really would like the prince, princess-like, to enjoy the supreme care and envy. Five-star wedding of the focus on "full-arranged", a number of concessions, such as providing master of ceremonies, wedding planning, honeymoon suite, and so free. Wedding breakfast dishes and service is first class, of course, enough to make two sides thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Ball-style dinner Young people have new ideas and extraordinary effort, not like a grand to preparing for the wedding, many people like to do a dance, and gave the wedding guests with the blessing of carnival. This dinner is very westernized, very elegant, very casual, mostly by way of food and beverage self-service, we fond, let out the music, Qinggemanwu, enjoy the swing. Lunch afternoon tea ceremony Wedding reception need not be placed in the night comes after a very Western-style selection of warm in the afternoon hours is not bad! Prepare some exquisite pastries, fruit, drinks, chat all together, the two sides of the family and friends know, is a very comfortable way. The site transferred to the outdoor lawn, so the atmosphere is more active, design some new games or talk about interesting things, new people cut the cake, throw bouquet, pour the champagne party champagne tower will climax. General Restaurants The Wedding Banquet, if the budget is not very high, less personality and love of show and put generous, it can choose affordable wedding restaurant to please drink. "Bowl cheap" restaurant, the venue of course, some crowded, but also a lack of musical embellishment wine, but the distance between the two sides was more near. Self-management style wedding Table for not much money to spend making people ate with Helena, fond to holding belly home. This feast methods are typical "local" flavor, we can without ceremony, invited guests were mostly neighbors and relatives, and the scene is quite lively friendly.