Lucky draw new fashion wedding banquet trip into the burden of the West dinner
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According to Spain, "Qiaosheng" reported that the fall season, but also to couples married in the wedding banquet of the peak. Chinese living abroad, most of them still very traditional, that marriage is a major event in life, not just two people, is the great alliance between two families. Than registration, will the wedding is formal ceremony, the two people being told to give both sides of the family and friends, will not be sloppy. Fan Wenru between the holidays, relatives and friends can save a gift, but marriage is still the traditional event to proceed, because the economic crisis will not keep things simple. The Tour of Chinese industry accounted for first place in the restaurant, employees also accounted for a large proportion of the Chinese. Because this part of the guests going to have time after 23:00, so the time of the wedding feast are often not allowed to open, the invitation to invite the 21 o'clock, but often have to wait until after 11 or even later. This leaves the other part of the couple's relatives and friends at a party over the outlay of twenty-three hours or even longer, people fed, and then rise to the strange phenomenon of a wedding banquet. Give belly pad bottom before dinner, as many newly arrived outsiders like because they do not know how to "do as the Romans", Li arrived in Spain, had a wedding banquet hungry dizziness memory. Li first came to Barcelona a few months of the wedding invitation received hours of friends. To this day, Mike's on time in accordance with the invitation to dinner. So that he can not think of that, he became the first to the guests. More can not imagine that, Mike was hungry so helplessly, wedding is the delay start. When finally opened to the feast, had been "badly" after another in the stomach waited a long time have lost interest in food. Sitting next to him less than a year old son is a long drink enough milk, her mother's arms in deep sleep. Later, Li learned that the original wedding invitation is not in accordance with the time, and to 11 or even 12 points in the opening banquet has become a local law. With the "lessons learned", the Li also learn from others look after, before dinner at home in the neighborhood something to eat, or go to the bar near the hotel banquet buy something to eat first fill the stomach. As banquet delay too long, many of the guests rush to go to work the next day to come to a face left exposed people, seriously affecting the feast of the festive atmosphere. To increase the popularity, adding atmosphere, the wedding began was "introduced" is said to be originally part of the Fujian people to create the "Wedding lucky draw." According to the master of ceremonies wedding ceremony program hosted a small high-introduction, which draws on the wedding program usually last, as the "finale" program. In order to attract guests to stay at the scene, the probability of winning is extremely high and extremely generous prizes, there is a new party for the highest prize is a laptop. Press survey found that new trick or draw welcomed by many people, there will be overseas Chinese banquet may become the "new fashion." Of course, the gift of high, which means gift also high. This is also the working group to the economic crisis are in for trouble. The face of friends and relatives sent to the "red bomb", in addition to the blessing from the heart, there is a look of helplessness and "fear." Frequent small Zhai recent feast with friends and relatives between the "appointment to the next." Nearly a month, he has already received 3 copies of invitations, the two married, one child full moon wine, Wenzhou and love about face, when he got married, the friend also gave a red envelope, and now at least add a little salute Now you need three 2600 gift of light, but also one of the plane to Italy to "join in children", return air tickets have to spend. "Received the invitations, I am glad it shows a good relationship with friends. But now the economic crisis, the business of their own bar downturn, the cost of gift really beyond my affordability." Zhai feel very helpless little. Zhai Peng told reporters, but particularly the recent wedding of friends, what marriage, children full moon, years of age, the elderly for longevity. Perhaps as an economic crisis, a way of raising money. But add up the gifts on my own is not a small number, but also a burden.