Creative challenge the traditional wedding personalized wedding candy
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Wedding turned into a TV series Dark, the female lead actor to send home each time was refused. This time, the sky began to rain, the actress did not refuse the request of actor escorted home ... ... a cry as the director, camera operator for a group Is the film done. This is not filming the drama, but a pair of sweet couples is shooting "wedding." "True representation of love story instead of wedding photos, more and more couples of all ages." Cheng Li, a studio Planners told reporters, his and his wife met, acquaintance, and love the process of reduced images, highlighted Personality, while collection of sweet memories, usually cost in the thousand or so. There are new love after his own ideals, or fairy tale made into a costume drama, the cost is relatively higher. Only send a wedding candy Ready to get married in June this year, Dan intends to small web search personalized candy to make friends and themselves. This reporter saw online sales has hundreds of personalized candy, and ultimately picked and chose the small Dan selected a: At first glance, like the Midas touch cartoons fairy wand, the above is a red hollow heart, the next Hongsha beaten face is a big flower. According to reports, this is actually a Dove chocolate candies, the price of 1 yuan. "I believe we all because of my candy, and remember my wedding, I hope my sweet love, to They bring long-term memory. "Little Dan said expectantly. Creativity does not mean that high consumption Reporters in an interview that the creative wedding so popular among young people, because it allows unconventional wedding, and will not spend too much money. "Wedding is generally more expensive camera, such as site layout, a Some highlights of the wedding and not spend much money. "Cost-conscious small-Dan calculations to reporters, making a traditional wedding of about 3,000 yuan, while filming a biography of love MTV, hand," inexpensive ", not only retained income Tibet, you can play to increase the atmosphere in the wedding scene