Qingdao the rise of new hot marriage fight all fight down and you could save nea
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In Colorado, the new wedding photography can be see n everywhere. September has just passed, Qingdao sea - lines of tourists decreased, more and more cool weather, many couples have chosen this time to shoot wedding photos. Yang Ning

"Golden September and silver October," the wedding season approaching, the reporter has learned that a lot of new people in order to save the wedding Qingdao expenses, they also married with friends or colleagues - starting wedding, repairing furniture, organizing the wedding and so on, through the "fight marriage "to reduce the fees. A lot of "marriage fight the" new person, so not only greatly reduce the wedding expenses, but also to feel the crowd gathered at the wedding - Church mass wedding but the excitement is different from the atmosphere.

Chen and subject to the bride with Richie in Qingdao with - a clothing company to work, both intend to marry during the National Day. Chen told reporters, shortly before she and her boyfriend had just bought - sets a new house, because the mortgage payments to take into account the problems, so the cost of the wedding done on a minimum budget. For example, wedding photographs of the budget for 2000 yuan, but her marriage according to the satisfaction of the group of series it takes about 2,500 yuan, will be difficult when the thought of Chen and colleagues less - from "Baotuan" pictures, in the after, after discussions, two pairs of new people to the store for "Tuangou Jia," and finally the price of 2,180 yuan are the wedding photos on to the next set of lines. Chen said the two days they have to - from furniture to repairing, and has tentatively decided to "fight marriage" in the end, - the same wedding, wedding set.

Chen boyfriend for journalists forget - T account, except they dress, wedding ring, a variety of materials and other costs of zero, just the wedding day to be spent on alcohol and tobacco Ribes about 5,000, and buy large quantities of these things, then if , can save 20% of the original, as wedding car, MC, makeup, camera, etc. by the "fight" from, so this - part of the cost of two pairs of points, but also save the budget - and a half, so the overall computation down, they are out of the nearly million provincial spending. Chen said the unit's colleagues have also attended the wedding of two people - aspects of eliminating the trouble of frequent dinner the other - respect us again - the atmosphere of the wedding hall will be more intense, the excitement of both the collective has spent a collective wedding noisy, can be described - the two have held.

Interview, many prospective couples in Qingdao that "fight marriage" really is - a good idea, especially for the just entered the social-income young people. In this regard, the industry suggested that the "marriage fight" the best choice to know each other's acquaintance with the "fight", and for - those spending a large amount out of a written contract is required in order to avoid an economic dispute.