Summertime wedding small originality
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Perhaps you feel summer is too burning hot do not suit to hold wedding, but the summer wedding that the dark blue that you can use eastern halcyon, seaboard and Mediterranean amorous feelings are you maintains a cool and refreshing sky.
On flax antependium of white, in the vitreous bottle that lotus of horse's hoof of 3 branches white surrounds to there are white cobble and Bai Lan in bottom shop. Elegant is delightful. In putting sweetgrass in jar of stannic qualitative water, put on the desk, make whole environment more pure and fresh, natural.
In the table the globose vase that full flower inserts on the different height suspension in the sky, decorate so that be like the seaside arbor of a summer.
On antependium of flax of light color pane, the African chrysanthemum of multicoloured inserts vase of full galvanized iron, tender? Green grass-blade adorns meantime, be full of rural breath.
In the pyxis that puts invitation into replete sand, as " the letter in bottle " in sending what you invite each guest hands. The letter inside front cover of each invitation places one branch lavender, can make whole invitation becomes balmy and delightful.
The sunset scene with an attractive summer is depicted on the envelope, the character uses apricot yellow color cardinal perhaps handwriting is written, use gauze knot adornment. Circle in the air
Install the white invitation that makes with one's own hands in envelope of a square. Be in the seal that there is African chrysanthemum pattern on the lid in heal.
The cobble of sugariness, orchid and bamboo decorate the coping in cake and bottom. Quiet and unruffled.
, summertime cake, with yangtao, carry child ornament of fruit of green waiting for blueness, can bring bit of icy and lucid sense for burning hot summer.
Design of spoondrift of illuminative of bridal cake surface and all around scattering butyric conch and sea star, most the theme of joint seaside wedding.
Lease aircraft of a water ice, be in prandial with the desert later, let guests' savor is cool and interesting water ice. V laps the gift that gives a visitor with green lotus leaf, wrap with careless belt above plunge into a Bai Lan, send out piece gentle and quiet and: Elegant breath.
Send every guest Bi of a small aromatic garment aing kind of sweet grass, inside again moss of on line a few Spain.
Imprint the paper folding fan that has your wedding date serves as gift, will make your guest is had cool and refreshing one summer.
Put small cookie in the elegant and candied case that quarter have bride and bridegroom name combination, let them bring every visitor with happiness sweetly.