Greet so that beauty returns
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There are a few pieces of chairs in the center of the building. Right now the bride already also came out by back room, garland of thrum of white marriage of ground of a drag, really glorious takes a person. Then, be in to new personality of bridal father how-to below, cense before memorial tablet of the ancestor in arrive home kowtow do obeisance to. To that dim the wise man that does not know a place reports for duty. Say to believe very hard, the Singapore that belongs to one of 4 small dragon of Asian, level of its science and technology is next to Japan in this area. But the Chinese here, the custom that heads Chinese southeast littoral however, tradition and devotional and perfect follow come down. Almost domestic home offers the spirit that has all divine 衹 such as king of ancestor, avalokitesvara, kitchen. Be here a few years, to all these I had minded not strange. But when the ground coming here first at the outset, feel strange indeed however: We expend old interest of ability shatter " the FOUR OLDS " , here unexpectedly downfallen, have completely.
Hold a memorial ceremony for did obeisance to an ancestor, the parents of this stylish woman has been in among the room on those a few pieces of chairs sit down, be in to new personality 2 old before fall on one's knees. Before hand of a middleaged woman holds tea tray in the palm to walk up, come aside, will tea tray and dish two cups of medium tea give newlywed person together before. Stand in me beside old 4 light tone make an explanation to me. Original, respecting tea is here a necessary process in bridal custom, new personality should give bilateral parents and elder to respect tea, also want to accept bilateral junior to respect tea at the same time. Its implication is very clear, namely drink this cup of tea, state you welcome bridegroom or the bride makes the one one's share of your family. This respects the etiquette and custom of tea, in south very general. In film of harbor type gangdom, see such scenario with respect to regular meeting. Respect tea to commonly junior shows respect to elder, or the meaning of apologize of one direction other one party. And the one party that is respected, want drink only this tea, expressed to accept the devoir of the person that respect tea or plea. On additional explicit wedding, the station is in what carry tea aside is the go-between that makes intermediary to this pair of new personality. Open as the society nevertheless, the marriage that makes intermediary by the person already did not see more, carry tea now so this part is by year of very as close as bilateral relationship firstborn daughter the gender is held the position of commonly.
Between conversation, bridegroom bride tea had respected a few, ceaseless underground genuflect, offer tea, accept red package, receive red bag speed up to work. Eventually, daughter-in-law boiled a mother-in-law, they sit down on that chair, be turn for others to respect them. Do not have this so numerous, just drink tea, to money just, though leave out kneel down and offer tea, but still want chaos of hands or feet to move. I remember an issue suddenly, twist a head to ask old 4, they but with a moment ago from the red package that accepts over there elder, does pass on reappearance go down? Old 4 answer: Absolutely cannot, if made a mistake,can be extremely ominous thing. And the reverse side of every red bag writes famous word. I am fine one careful, discover newlywed person really now is from left the pocket draws out red bag outside, and a moment ago closed, put in right pocket completely. I am right old 4 say, this still is less than midday, they close repeatedly belt of hair, already pass in and out of so much red bag. If one the world comes, they can go twice the mail office went to work. Hey, old 4 laughed: Do you think it is easy to marry? Light prepares red package with respect to specific power consumption you two night. Do not say every red bag wants to install money to keep a name, and red bag and red bag are different still, open the door, respecting what tea hits to admire can not be a price. Listen my be left speechless with wonder or fear is more thanly, come so bridegroom bride must have how many dark bag up and down all over! This hand " 1000 hands avalokitesvara " dark implement is kongfu to search an ordinary person to wait for what can you make come out?
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