Drive attend sumptuous dinner
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Do not know this is a what toast ceremony really, everybody cries greatly with sound " ah " . Gas hold back must exceed authority sufficient, sound makes be jumped over noisy all right, sound procrastinate longlier, express to had been jumped over. As to what good, how good, why good, I do not know. Estimation also nobody knows. Angry on me do not enrage below afterwards do not receive, lung is exceeding collapse shrivelled when, confront below the stage hundreds of visitors, I remember Jiang Kun says a paragraph of cross talk that pass suddenly. Create by writer Liang Zun, acid home can rely on vocal music skill those to trade the star of applause: One ask for a favor spins sound, pull open sound not to come down. I slant not to applause, my hold back is dead you! One shake out comes to this package, absolutely firm. Say honest, those stars are not easy also, an age, oneself also know oneself do not have a feeling, remain so dot skill, not do this you call ostentation the family what to sell? The audience also is to feel embarrassed, applause not to collect tax again. Encounter this kind of singer later anyway, I am roused certainly. Because just experience the feeling that stands on the stage to them today, what think now with me certainly is same: Fast, fast, be over quickly? !
Good not easy " ah " was over, wine also was drunk, we return a seat to go up. Because do not have preparation beforehand, plus the abdomen hollow sky, sit over my face throbs in vain almost shock, big mouth is big ground is enraged. Did not wait for my asthma divide evenly, emcee talked again above: "Ask bridegroom to come now say a few words " . I listen to the poor at that time past that burn a back, look at bridegroom to stand to the front of microphone, want to say to him really: Are you even compensatory what? ! What the someone a moment ago said is much more comprehensive! Fortunately bridegroom went up to say only: Thank everybody! Back-to-back " phut " , opened champagne. My heart is put appreciate land speculation, estimation bridegroom is hungry also bad.
Opened champagne, bridegroom takes arena a side, the top of the gold tower that builds bubbly with tall foot cup from is flat, slowly each goblet inside flood tower. Everybody applauses again, when bridegroom takes that cup of the most topmost champagne, just lift fork to cast chopsticks in succession. For a short while, dingdong of chopsticks of bowl of 4 knife and fork in the hall makes sound, its sound effect resembles occasion of the tussle in film of ancient costume acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance quite.
We this compartment, everybody is immersed oneself in hardworking, and bride of the bridegroom there begins flee hither and thither however between each desk, accept as a souvenir of as friendly as the close friend relative of each systems group photo. Imperceptible, dish had gone up half. Everybody also gradually hasten is smooth and steady, raise one's hand is cast sufficient show a few a single cent or penny in succession elegant, get on a to destroy together like ground of villain of urgent in that way at the beginning bare no longer. Had general demeanor, the ability when this skill moves.
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