To the nostalgic agitation of Delmans
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50 years ago, delmans has become the elegant pronoun with that irreplaceable times. Now, when stylist people deliver the view to this kind of indicative and old-style Hollywood again demon unreal glamour when  also does not have even slippers can avoid ground be involved in in the pay homage to to it. 

The dream shows one of actor's costumes that wear surely everyday

Dew of dream of · of Ma beautiful lotus stands in new York the 5th highway and Linxingdu on the subway mouth between the highway, hallooing " I am very cool " . In aerosol of a white, the dream shows that golden wavy hair and skirt to the full front of a Chinese gown to fly upwards up together... if you are the filmgoer that the dream shows and quite attentive word, that pair of shoe that you still perhaps can notice to be worn on her foot -- , the sandal of color of one double blank, heel is sufficient have 3 inches tall. It is out Delmans make classically. The sort of Delmans ankle binds the sandal of the belt is one of actor's costumes that dream dew wears surely everyday, be her mind absolutely is good. The Sifusidi that manages Delmans brand at present says not without proud ground: "When dream dew arrives dead, still wearing it. "When dream dew arrives dead, still wearing it..

And dream dew is not only seeks the famous person that holds Delmans in both hands, luosailin Luo still includes in its epigone element, abstruse Daili Heben, Kathleen Heben and Malin Daideli. No matter be screen inside and outside, can see the figure of Delmans that grace on their foot.

This year, to Delmans nostalgic a massive unrest was lifted in industry -- , arrive from John Jialiyanuo Luo Lang of · of emperor of Yi husband · , arrive from dress shoe.

It is elegant pronoun all the time

1919, herman Delmans founded in new York Delmans, in whole battle time, it is elegant pronoun all the time.

Its the first him one or two brand Delmans imprints on the shoe, also be the first advertises for oneself with the movie star. Its shoe is designed extremely decorously, its sell decorate luxuriously extravagant, the service that it provides is more close and perfect.

Delmans because this is deep popular, become the one part in living daily for many people quickly, chase after the person that hold in both hands from what young professional woman becomes it to the student. At that time " times " the reader that the magazine still informs them regularly, delmans is in popular color, design. The model that advertises for Delmans sometimes amounts to 250.

1989, sifusidi's father bought Delmans, gave her right of administration subsequently. In Sifusidi advocate below, delmans was gifted more contemporary elements. Slippers decorated fur liner, attracted immediately collect pull · to not Bao Er of beautiful jade · , green jade Angsi Nuosi and black Mi · rub the look of Er. Kalisi Hart says actor Kitty · of 91 years old: "I begin to wear Delmans from many years old 30, I should buy the shoe of this a lot of brands every year, I am not the sort of extravagant spendthrift, but they really content is worth somewhat. But they really content is worth somewhat..
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