Fishing person dock is bridal
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Be located in Japanese a poetic name of China - the Haosidengbao of Nagasaki besides it is to swim outside the travel point that Japan reachs surely, it is the optimal option that holds wedding more. 妳 can follow in this with the other in part of 妳 of seventeen century " the windmill is regnal " - the park of European type theme of Holand building, hold to be full of wedding of Europe land colorific.
3 kinds do not provide the wedding of feelings
Scenery of Si Dengbao of a person of extraordinary powers is picturesque, have European type building already, have again full-length the canal of 6 kilometers, 妳 can hold the wedding of different form here.
The wedding on fishing person dock: Fishing person dock gives a person the sense of lively, stand aloof from the worldly affairs all along, new personality can take the boat that serves as a bridal sedan chair, edge canal holds wedding to the small port city of riverside, to new personality and guest, have absolutely feel with what do not differ. The fishing person dock of having a unique style is bridal

Curtilage type is bridal: Like the 妳 of nature, life major issue is held below the environment that likes to be like mattress in green grass certainly, special wedding of Europe land type is held below lakefront and reflect of photograph of rural landscape extend, besides interest abundant, more be permeated with a kind of harmonious atmosphere. And the happiness that here can accommodate more guest to witness 妳 . The curtilage type that is permeated with nature breath is bridal

New personality can take carriage of fairy tale type to enter a public house

Palace type is bridal: The palace that complete Haosidengbao follows exclusively to Holand queen bedroom is resided and be built, luxurious, have air again. Wedding can undertake in the majestic cathedral inside palace, when the pace gives palace, guest compliments at a narrow lane of stair both sides a pair of new personality, occasion is royal and lively. Wedding ends, new personality takes the public house that carriage heads for, him illusion is the prince in fairy tale and princess.
MiAdvice hotel妳 can choose according to individual be fond of the following 4 public houses that have distinguishing feature each.
Hotel Europe of European big public house: Border the canal, all enjoy canal scenery.
Yamusitedan is big hotel Hotel Amsterdam: Be located in central position of Haosidengbao, no matter head for where very convenient also.
Red breaths out a Hotel Den Haag of big public house: The scene is watched before the old village bay of happy person, palace environment of Haosidengbao is seen after.
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