Dreamy date jinriksha
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Had attended wedding of a friend, feel to a happy woman is certainly after her marriage. For what? Because her man gets married to agree to be her exert to one's utmost that day repeatedly, pulling her what sit on a two-wheeled vehicle drawn by man, the annulus in going whole almost.

When the Invitation Card that make a pledge receives good friend marriage before 3 months is being ordered on a two-wheeled vehicle drawn by man, feel very open-eyed. Open-eyed, because she married,not be, be being nodded because of conjugal ground however is to be in in dock of hoop season star. Examine minutely the good friend is what choose does here marry? When having what tricky idea, she however 3 close its mouth.

Eventually when she marries day, dock of star of season of the hoop in coming, see a pair of new personality already changed finish marriage attire, but bridegroom backside, have 10 a two-wheeled vehicle drawn by man unexpectedly. Immediately, bridegroom plays an a two-wheeled vehicle drawn by man, carrying a bride; And brother are carrying us a sister, arrive above all in annulus congress hall goes hold " the ceremony that sign paper " , next new personality is attendant outside take a picture with relatives and friends. Original, the choice that is a find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind takes a picture inside the small park outside congress hall and empress dock, surroundings holds concurrently provided contemporary with traditional characteristic.

Contest of remarkable a two-wheeled vehicle drawn by man takes a picture end, the bride offers to hold the contest of a two-wheeled vehicle drawn by man of a having sth new, bridegroom and numerous brother are begun set out by congress hall, surround dock of whole day star, arrive again on the letter heart center of annulus, finally with fete richly China hotel (Hotel Furama) is terminus. And bridegroom does not lose popular confidence as expected, become match champion, come with new a form of address for one's wife on a two-wheeled vehicle drawn by man a French Kiss, admire simply evil spirit other people.