Take an examination of you to did not discuss
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New personality took whole course in the public eye, everybody immediately sits down continue to eat and drink. Intermission ends, the second half is began.
Bride of bridegroom of the second half continues one desk one desk ground and everybody group photo. First half, they basically are with both sides elder and kin drink take a photo as a souvenir. Be turn for the colleague friends of themselves now. Soon on the desk that they are about twice to turn to us, with the whisper of those a few Di of the desk cluck ground is discussing what. I was not in charge of them eating what bad heart, an idea copes with the steamed Shi Ban before----Roukebuduo. Differ meeting, the couple comes twice to us by the desk, want with us one by one cheers. But they agree a few times,object, say to want to check sister-in-law first certainly the feeling to the old how. If the test fails, they are to break won't of this cup of wine below drink. Say, differ the family starts to talk, oneself delimit next paths come first: Here a few people plus bridegroom, show a leg together, by the bride unconscious eye is felt, feel him husband to just calculate reach a standard. One's voice in speech did not fall, aside early somebody equipment is very long long handkerchief, do not cover bridal double eye by defend oneself. Another, carry the hand covers went up the mouth of bridegroom.
A few people sit chair is moved, the platoon becomes, let bridegroom reach hold up of a bottom of a trouser leg first knee, the foot steps to stand on the chair over. Someone else discusses the person selected that remain together. They let me go, I refused, not be to be afraid of meeting be disloyal, afraid ability to walk by attendant girl people looked, it is to go out to be opposite completely the consideration of show effect. Because mix,photograph of that leg of a pair of wool like old yam compares bridegroom, I am this, admit too easily.
Ready, see only one discharge 5 or white or black or wool or bald leg, grow accident weak point already bristly over. Somebody has helped a bride up, extend hands of a pair of fine fine jade to be felt all the way will go down. Do not know the wool leg that is bridegroom is too special, the jade hand that still is a bride is too sensitive, or it is two people already each other are familiar. Feel the past, the bride points out the 4th leg at once, be her husband. Easily pass a barrier, although everybody feels disappointed however also have no alternative, be obliged to be lifted together cup. Again together aloud " ah " rise.
This we had experience, won't resemble again a moment ago foolish in that way cry, not quite up to the mark dies him hold back. This answers mouth of pieces of I am only big move, however save one's breath, make the record of be there just to make up the number. Frog sound pond, each is rousing one bay toad abdomen, do you know which cry which did not cry?

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