The gem of newly-married piece
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The money when when choice marriage interpose points to, taking seriously only and not slightly its are durable quality. Matrimonial interpose points to have lasting and changeless, everlasting sense, reason diamond makes the most welcome choice.
The mixture interpose of a few platinum and gold shows because of stock different reason cannot revise dimension again, choose and buy
Must consider when. And the finished products of pure platinum because material is solid, use changeless also color for a long time, it is right choice. Set some of diamond and gem on the design again but.
A few jeweller's are divided outside off-the-peg finished products offers a choose and buy, him Yi Ke or conceive creation by stylist.
Later development is the data of a few gem, can consider when marriage of choose and buy uprights in new personality:
Greek Ademas
Represent the desire that cannot conquer. It is the hardest kind in cloud cloud gem. Ancient Roman thinks it represents life and eternity all the time, arrived 15 centuries more be maintained to be delegate faithful not the marriage of change resembles meaning of a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale. What its representing loves is enunciative. If set the delegate I of on 3 diamond
LOVE YOU; And the delegate WILL YOU BE MY WIFE of 5 diamond?
And the disposition that the appearance of diamond also represents every female be an official:
﹣ circle: Represent on behalf of form of refined, pear lively
﹣ square: The delegate is careful
﹣ heart form: Delegate imagination is rich
﹣ egg form: The delegate becomes independent and egg form represents enterprise strong
﹣ pearl
Represent the birthday stone June; Also be delegate marriage 12 years is lapidary. Use pearl the earliest to make adorn those who taste is China, arrived later mediaeval more pass to Rome, in times of the Crusades Dong Zheng, european history more enter period of a pearl, become in those days royalty has gem only. Perfect, pity is expensive, implicative and its representing is elegant resemble a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale.
﹣ ruby
Ruby is regarded as to represent the stone of love, can be made love at a tremendous pace, happiness happy by Yu Wei.
﹣ sapphirine
Sapphirine does not represent the stone that is blue, the corundum crystal that it includes to color of green, gold, purple waits. Reason this, green sapphirine, yellow sapphirine and purple sapphirine waited once upon a time. Sapphirine is the gem that represents the fall, it can make a person be far from evil, anger, also be the stone that represents human spirit. When 12 centuries, sapphirine more the gem that makes cathedral god 扙 go up.

﹣ emerald
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