Furniture of newly-married marriage room decorates whole strategy
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The furniture of newly-married bedroom besides should have unified color, still must with it " live " environmental photograph suits, ability produces aesthetic feeling. Accordingly, when purchase and abstaining furniture, want mature its whether as appropriate as housing condition.

Furniture choose and buy is fewer but better, want as appropriate as integral environment photograph

Above all, should come from consider of the size of the room, front furniture of choose and buy. The housing of newlywed, the area won't be too large, sometimes a room often holds bedroom, sitting room, dining room, study concurrently a variety of functions. When purchasing furniture, appropriate is fewer but better, can configure line the fold type furniture with lively, neat and liberal model and combined-type furniture, one content is multi-purpose, cover an area of repeated usage of usable floor area, be equal to the valid usable floor area that raised a room, make a room smooth add pure and fresh vigor. Should not be inside not capacious bridal chamber choose transverse, area is large and low furniture, cover an area of because of it much, dimensional utilization rate is minor, and should choose a few taller furniture, make full use of the space of small bedroom, patulous activity area.

Furniture style wants to be united as far as possible

It is no matter be resided alone or be live together with parents, the furniture in him hut should have unified and artistic style and integral lasting appeal. The one's style of work as well as one's moral quality that best whole set buys furniture or chooses color, model as far as possible is relatively consistent, do one's best forms unified style. If the right and wrong of line is horizontal inclined, thick slightness is short; Size of sunken raised bend over of the form, circumference, cold high of shade of colorific withered embellish, light and shade, want to have unified lasting appeal. If oneself are original furnished already, when needing to purchase little part furniture again only, also should act on each other harmonious principle, or tries original furniture to change make, readjust chromatically, as unified as the furniture that wants to buy; When or is buying new furniture, as far as possible as suit as original furniture. Such doing, very good abided by " contain is diversiform at uniting " the principle of formal beauty.

Suit to love the new-style furniture of mew:

Fold type furniture: Develop the characteristic on the structure adequately, when using, unlock, need not when furl, place do not take a place, solved the difficult problem with young couple not big space. Muti_function furniture: This is too important really to hospitable young couple, it is OK that for instance lounge night is pulled open when the bed, connect bed with drawers to be able to put the thing such as desk lamp, books and periodicals, small adornment, big bed can install 3 drawers to wait by the bed at the same time. Combined-type furniture: Hold a variety of functions such as ark of 5 bottles of almirah, cabinet, dresser, bookshelf, antique, desk concurrently. Can combine together occupy one side wall to use, also can ravel, the apiration that presses oneself and room circumstance alternate at any time, reset, make the room often has strange feeling. These structures clever, design novel, change the new-style furniture with rich, chic modelling, because have,be used and aesthetic two big functions, already became newly-married to live in the heat of the choose and buy.
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