Most consumer thinks shadow building is added accept photographic plate cost is
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Inside Hangzhou photography industry, add the phenomenon that collects negative fee to exist generally. After our newspaper has a story to this one problem, reader echo is enthusiastic. The day before yesterday, the reporter is dark the discovery when visitting, the rate of these enterprises is in 10 yuan normally / piece, 60 yuan / between Zhang Zhi. Yesterday, save industrial and commercial bureau to express about chief, should collect fees behavior, had disobeyed " rights and interests of consumer of People's Republic of China of Zhejiang province executive < protects a law > method " . According to this " method " regulation, door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry violates compasses act in the light of this kind, can be in with 10 thousand yuan of the following amerce.


58% consumer experience is added collect negative fee

A few days ago, each district disappear is protected appoint receive consumer to complain again and again, after saying industry of a few photography is taking a picture for consumer, not to customer pay full photographic plate. If consumer wants, must pay fixed fee according to the standard of photography industry formulate, this cost is in 10 yuan normally / piece, 60 yuan / between Zhang Zhi.

The near future, province disappear is protected appoint organized the consumptive investigation that photographs about marriage gauze. Findings shows, the consumer of 58% once had encountered operator negative does not return the case that perhaps asks negative adds valence to just be retreated; And the consumer of 68% thinks this kind of behavior is unreasonable.

   Collect fees " guild regulations " widespread inside course of study presence

The day before yesterday in the morning, the reporter visited Hangzhou company of many famous photography, discover major company still is being carried out " guild regulations " , to exceeding " limitation " negative collection charge.

In Yan'an road inside a large market, osmund osmund the bride set shop. The reporter seeks advice from the price that marriage gauze photographs with client identity. The staff member tells a reporter: "The service with different relevant price also is distinguished somewhat, but the quality of the photograph assures absolutely. Because filming in the process, cameraman can take a few pictures more to you, let you have choose leeway enoughly, assure to choose the picture that gives satisfaction. Nevertheless we provide the photograph measure that provides in the contract only freely to you. If exceed the photograph of this amount,you also like, we are about collection 10 yuan / piece charge, if you are chosen morer, we also can give a few discounts. Additional, if the photograph of your choice is,enter book, the charge of our collection is 30 yuan / piece. The charge of our collection is 30 yuan / piece..

The reporter visited spring of golden madam, Paris to wait for company of marriage gauze photography again subsequently, the case that knows is similar. More than " limitation " the photograph needs the fee with corresponding collection.
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