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Date stops since: Came 5 days on March 3, 2006

Exhibit house title: Beijing exhibition

Exhibit meeting content:

1, marriage celebrate service house
Marriage gauze photography, bridal plan and service, marriage is in charge of modelling of conduct financial transactions of service of dinner of flower art, marriage, honeymoon travel service, newly-married, bride

2, bridal things house

Headgear of marriage gauze formal attire, gem, knot smoke of candy of marriage gift and sweethearts handicraft, happy event, wedding feast, happy event, marry invitation

3, things of newly-married life form a complete set and service house

Household articles for use (furniture, electric home appliances

4, house of newly-married woman fashion

Fashionable modelling, be stationed in fitness of body of Yan Baojian, fine, cosmetic, popular the latest fashion

5, professional equipment and house of shadow building equipment

Manufacturer of equipment of room of things of building of equipment of enlarge of equipment of photography equipment, colour enlarge equipment, photography, colour, shadow, film: Building of casing of photograph of album of domestic and international brand, shadow photographs rail of lamps and lanterns of room of prop of cloth of setting wearing, setting, photography, film, smallpox

6, chain joins in distribute acts as agent area special administrative area

① invites sincerely the domestic international tip that joins in with chain the form extends market of China of oneself brand race to control of purpose marriage gauze photography, marriage celebrates service brand enterprise to attend

② invites sincerely gauze of marriage of domestic international brand, marriage to celebrate things to be set in this area exhibit, face representative of countrywide recruit distribute to reach join in business

Exposition setting:

Occupy number of statistic of civil administration branch to show, our country has 10 million pairs of new personality every year to be fond of knot happy match about, because the marriage of this generation is celebrated,consume amount every year to be as high as 250 billion yuan. Marriage it is mature with each passing day to celebrate consumptive market, the marriage that forms your person to fix eyes upon stage by stage celebrates industrial catenary and consumptive heat, marriage celebrate an industry to already became those who was full of tremendous business chance and foreground " happy industry " , chinese marriage rich is met emerge as the times require.

Top class marriage of the well-known trademark manufacturer that the Chinese marriage gain that holds two successfully already can attract the country such as country of hundreds domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household, Japan, Italy, Korea and home celebrates manufacturer of service business, product to join exhibit, exhibit global visiting audience comes from during the meeting nearly 200 thousand person-time, include the personage inside domestic and international course of study, marriage to celebrate an industry to join in the business, broad vogue that drive tide a group of things with common features group attend a meeting with newly-married crowd view and emulate, commerce negotiates consume with newly-married. Chinese marriage rich can become domestic and international newly-married to consume well-known trademark not only exhibition, reveal, communication, trading platform, also become the world foremost edge, most top classly of all kinds marriage at the same time the optimal arena that vogue releases regularly. Luck of name of Becjie of gauze of Gui Youmei marriage of Japan of queen of gauze of marriage of before two worlds, Korea, Sporgenza, China, Mark, Zhoudafu, beautiful can, the domestic international such as bureau of tourism of country of car of Aipusheng, strange luck, Egypt, attracted the eyeball of social all circles and numerous common people, by numerous media praise for " 2005 China are newest and fashionable " . Chinese marriage rich can fulfil the heavy responsibility that led Chinese marriage to celebrate vogue and world to conform not only, the development that also promotes Chinese marriage to celebrate an industry at the same time strode a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position.
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