Marriage law does not admit factual marriage
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Accord with marriage law to stipulate allow registers the men and women that marry to did not deal with those who marry to register and live jointly with spouse concern, it is illegal behavior, should press " marriage law " the 8th regulation " ┄ ┄ , did not deal with marry register, ought to fill do register. Ought to fill do register..

Civil administration ministry promulgated on Feburary 1, 1994 " marriage registers regulation " after applying, every was not dealt with marry register live together with spouse name namely of the life, all press concubinage relation processing.

Factual marriage, it is to point to the men and women that does not have a spouse, the marriage that did not fulfill legal procedures to concern to live jointly with husband and wife concerns, relationship of this kind of marriage violates, it is the act that does not get legal protection, should give lawfully cancel or undertake legal marriage is registered lawfully, obtain lawful marital relation condition, because,this is:

Marry, it is the legal act that marital relation party performs legal procedures to obtain regular marriage to concern lawfully, be registered lawfully without legal process and live jointly with spouse concern, violated legal regulation, from this and the person of generation, belongings concerns, also do not get legal protection, settlement method is: If live together,bilateral party already was accorded with when live together marry the condition that register, should grant to criticize education, raise legal idea, fill lawfully do marry register. Cohabitational party is in live together to just be not accorded with from time to tome marry of the condition that register, should give cancel concubinage concerns.