Chinese marriage celebrated compere qualification to groom 2006 contest of class
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China in recent years marriage celebrate an industry development is very rapid, every year 10 million pairs of new personality are registered marry, bridal expenditure is as high as 250 billion yuan, brought up marriage the huge market that celebrates an industry.
Celebrate the professional morality of compere and professional quality to raise our country marriage further, since 2006, marriage celebrate an industry to execute marriage celebrate compere to run system of mount guard of professional qualification card. Marriage of marriage couplet, China celebrates industry alliance in, develop a center to sponsor by career of children of woman of China of directly under of countrywide the Women's Federation, it is China provides authoritative marriage to celebrate fleet of industry aircraft carrier most, office headquarters is in building of countrywide the Women's Federation. Hold successfully already the first, marriage of the 2nd China celebrates compere TV contest, China marriage of the 3rd the wedding in sky of the biggest Nantong, China celebrates compere TV contest (Su Xichang competion area) begin to sign up, accept at the same time marriage celebrate compere to groom sign up, marriage celebrate attestation of industry profession qualification.
Groom object: Be engaged in or be engaged in of purpose marriage celebrate presiding staff, marriage celebrates company director or recieve clerk of personnel, hotel and administrator to all can sign up. Groom content: Marriage common culture
(Chinese style, Western-style, vogue)
Marriage celebrate trade current situation and marriage
From personnel of course of study primary quality
Wedding chairs wedding of extract beautiful vogue
The point holds
Phonic language
Expression is applied
Outstanding marriage of whole nation of view and emulate is celebrated
Chair kinescope and comment and appraise
Of bridal music apply
With the plan
The expert comments on student
Uphold part
Celebration ceremony
Integral plan
Marriage the typhoon that celebrates compere,
Station reach field work
Individual profession figure
Design media promotion
Rhythm skill and
Deal with sudden incident
Issue letter: Groom the end carries assessment, will obtain career of Chinese woman children to develop central marriage to celebrate industry alliance to issue hold job seniority certificate. Groom characteristic: 1, Chinese marriage celebrates lofty plan division to fence to Jin Fuzhu is told and communicate face-to-face with student; 2, TV station and broadcast broadcasting station are famous compere imparts chair skill; 3, spot of numerous and famous compere undertakes wedding of Chinese style, Western-style, candle power manages extract show (but recording, kinescope) ; 4, setting of student practice class is more rich, bridal case analysis is more wonderful.
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