Photography of gauze of marriage of 2006 Jiangsu international reachs exhibition
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2006International of the 6th Jiangsu takes a picture equipment and number are video exhibition

Time: On March 18, 2006, 20 days of places: Nanjing international exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit: Support an unit : Media support:

Association of photographer of Shanghai of   of association of Jiangsu province photographer discovers resource " photography equipment "

Nanjing phoenix exhibits newspaper of building of shadow of China of association of photographer of limited company the Anhui province

Special support: Zhejiang saves photographer association " photography information "

Shandong of guild of Jiangsu province photography saves net of photography of gauze of marriage of photographer association China

Nanjing international exhibits central Jiangsu to save net of photography of China of association of each city photographer

Undertake unit: Major of party of Chinese photography artist is strong imprint net

Nanjing phoenix shows publishing house of news of Hong Kong of limited company China

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