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Decode " marriage love is abiding equational "
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Have suppose " the formula with marriage abiding love " , can be you abided by? Meet of course. Who is willing to there is the feeling of abiding and changeless love? American scholar Kathleen Johnson listed after investigation and study " marriage love is abiding equational " , kathleen says: I like to be on all sorts of bridal ball, those who see a pair have dance lightly is medium that absolutely mutual trust mixes senile couple passion -- why their marriage is so happy, live so ideally, what is their secret?

Kaiselinhui saw such 100 pairs of couples, they marry time is the shortest is 7 years, the longest is 55 years, these couples are below the collective formula that abiding love place has.

Decode " marriage love is abiding equational "

◎ is close and formulary

100 pairs of couples that I interview, great majority is acquaintance hind becomes close instantly. They feel the feeling that one kind cannot be held back, hope union is mixed in share the life.

Harmonious with considerate: This kind of close relationship includes a kind to coordinate with considerate friendship, it is based on the enthusiasm of consistency, also be based on mutual between different. A wife offerred the point of view that a your person is interested in, she says: "Happy marriage comes from go up in individual character at two opposite, and consistent on fundamental condition person. " her husband is the person with a hopeful natural disposition, she is the person of an indrawn pessimism however. But, their collective native place and religion are devotional, make she is confused went up his lofty quality, and he is confused went up her delicate.
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