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Practical: Lease marriage gauze suggests 7 times
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Practical: 7 proposals of rental marriage gauze

1, the ad that can carry friend or marriage gauze inn, the hack in inn of understanding marriage gauze the style of marriage gauze; Had better search to have the store of credit quite, can listen to the opinion of friends. 2, the type that in door inn understanding rents whether marriage gauze accords with you to want to borrow, the price of hire, requires procedure.

3, when the bride tries on marriage gauze must careful, to overgrown the place should put forward in time to ask to revise, avoid to just discover disagreement body until use, down to hurry-scurry.

4, after deciding to want the marriage gauze that borrow, and an agreement is signed in inn, if you are rental marriage gauze is belonged to moderner, a lot of brides think the word of the design that borrow, had better be taken a bit earlier, lest be taken behindhand and be borrowed by others because of yours,go.

5, after taking the marriage gauze that borrows, want scrutiny whether does marriage gauze have those who change is damaged, formfitting, if have, should seasonable to put forward in inn, and priming on record, when be being returned so in the heart also know exactly about sth. 6, examination and the headgear with marriage tie-in gauze, be like: Dangler, necklace, glove, should ask whether the charge that understands them includes to lease in whole marriage gauze in charge.

7, marriage gauze should be checked seriously together with merchant when remanding, avoid needless compensation