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Practical: Make your bridegroom ablaze come on stage
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Bridegroom formal attire is very important: A wedding, everybody can focus the central issue on bridal body, and pitiful bridegroom resembles greenery same, often have the effect of foil only. Really, wear a common suit only from A to Z (the white-collar that resembles going to work is same) , people can come which to differentiate from the scroll of wind only is " bridegroom " . So, though marry to sang leading role that day, is a bride, but this greenery also is not gotten cursorily, also should sparkle on wedding bright bright!

243318651  1. Food piece

Although bridegroom prepares all sorts of conjugal matter busily, but must notice to strike a proper balance between work and rest, avoid all night to stay up late, in dietary respect must not big fish big meat, eat a few vegetable, fruit more, staple food respect can eat some of coarse food grain to help aid digestion more, be sure to keep in mind not excessive excessive drinking.

  2. Protect skin piece

The man's skin is compared commonly coarse, overworked is excessive can appear more complexion is gaunt, it is so before wedding, bridegroom can do some of skin to nurse the job. Want to notice fat of the sweat fluid of cleared skin surface, skin and bilge in time, do not think doing the skin to nurse is feminine patent, present man pays attention to his appearance very much, if fructification is in what the bride can take first if doing not have time to wash grandma,use!

3. Formal attire piece

On the choice of formal attire, also might as well except traditional black and white the color with more intense and bright-coloured attempt, because the fittings of man formal attire is various, for example the waist is sealed, vest, formal attire, shoe, in rent or order before doing, it is clear to should understand.
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