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Perfect bride formative is small remind
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One. Proposal people of a new type had better be in a month, choose a time to choose formal attire and be tried on, find the marriage gauze formal attire that suits oneself most more easily.

The figure is slim person suit to wear word of 〞 of the A that write 〝 model formal attire;

Plump person suit to choose perpendicular model formal attire;

The arm is thicker person the formal attire that sleeve grows in suiting to choose;

The bride with beautiful face, unfavorable too complex, luxuriant, lest snatch bridal glorious.

2. Besides choose formal attire according to the figure, the type of wedding breakfast also is the key of the consideration!

If use ceremony of attend a ceremony, formal attire must relatively luxuriant, skirt 襬 is beautiful with 7 feet, when card marriage, it is to carry the relatives and friends to the blessing on the back normally, the option of the administrative levels of the design because of back of this formal attire and head gauze, material is very important.

If adopt civil marriage, criterion formal attire design with experting simply, long nevertheless or skirt 襬 is complex for main principle.

3. Before trying on formal attire, proposal 妳 is preemptive the shoe of very tie-in formal attire, will go to the lavatory the length of modification formal attire, 2 will can avoid to marry the worry that shoe ruptured that day or new shoe grinds a foot.

4. The choice of bridal formal attire, the most important is what can show oneself is idiosyncratic with individual character, mask the weakness on bodily form ably namely next, a few ^_^ try more please if it is OK to be like "

How does bridal eve overshoot most Smart?

Examine technological process again, place it next go at the same time, with common sense judgement also knows right now this made issue should be made.

Take the meat place of simple nutrition, for example: Sandwich, meal, chicken or fish, avoid to drink tea, coffee or beverage at the same time, dinner should eat earlier, the stomach before lest sleeps still bilges those who bilge.

Be like the word that oneself maintain, can come to oneself a carefree hairdressing time, put the emphasis in hands or feet and facial ministry, with the apply face film that oneself like most, (But can not be new product, lest unwell or skin happening is allergic) well bubble hairdressing bath, bit of balm is put in preexistence bathtub and will nod the music of downy romance, let oneself slip slowly warm bath crock, close double eye to think now is how happy, because be about to be with the person form that he loves greatly,connect manage, and you are how to expect this momently advent, let oneself fill cheerful state of mind.

Sleep well a hairdressing become aware, ten million wants a bit earlier go to bed, also want in the home nevertheless quiet, there may be the relatives and friends that will help that evening in the home, if voice noisy and confused greets,entertain, you also meet the likelihood fall asleep hard.
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