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White marriage gauze must not misfit shoe (graph)
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</P> of proposal of <P>   expert
<P>     - white marriage gauze should match white shoe </P>
The bridal cultured of <P>   Chinese is festival and lively, mass-tone attune is gules, even if a few newlywed person that hold Western-style wedding also do not forget to a red is withheld on the dress in oneself, a typical case that constant visibility reachs is wrapping around namely the shoe that the bride of white marriage gauze wears a pair of red, look a feeling special not harmonious. The leather shoes that a little careless still bride is wearing black even or leather sandal, the bride on this and wedding's due figure more not conform to. </P>
The shoe of what color ought to when wearing marriage gauze, <P>   wear so? Right choice should be white or argent, aureate. The bride that wears marriage gauze ought to show a person with the figure with holy sunshine, the marriage gauze that white shoe matchs white is the commonnest, also be the most classical collocation. </P>
<P>     - wear marriage gauze to answering special underwear </P>
The collocation of <P>   and shoe is same, also often have the underwear that red chooses when the bride wears marriage gauze, put in incongruous problem likewise, because mix,return a likelihood marriage gauze is not suitable, occurrence disagreement body, appear wait for awkward situation, had better be in so order do or buy marriage gauze while, underwear of appropriative of choose and buy. Current, a lot of marriage gauze brand shop of domestic have this kind of special underwear to sell. </P>
<P>     - bridal makeup should be fair maiden </P>
The bride in <P>   wedding should be the most beautiful, but this kind of beauty cannot too gorgeous, verbose, and should be pure and fresh quietly elegant, high and holy beauty, so the bride makes up should make up weak, fair maiden makeup. </P>
When some <P>   makeup girl dress up a bride, for " good-looking " , colour is used very thickly beautiful, change the bride very coquettishly, deserve to go up again full head bead flower, all sorts of headgear, lively be lively, but not agree with with bridal atmosphere, destroyed a bride the figure of pure, sunshine. </P>
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