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2006 trend trend is costly bridal makeup (group plan)
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2006 trend trend is costly bridal makeup (group plan)

Qing Lidan's elegant makeup look

Bridal makeup contains the item of make public dazzle that is different from T stage with its, the fashion that deducing each season is popular, no matter be costly,restore ancient ways, pure still and melting, wear in explanation bridal nobility and grace.

  Element of ice and snow colour

Tall brightness, low chroma, natural and luxuriant makeup feeling is autumn winter bride the mainstream of colour makeup. Many thick grain is blended in to show pink in the skin, in smooth shadow reflection falls, build a skin like ice and snow to feel character. The labial colour of berry color gets lip depict plump jade-like stone embellish, nature of integral makeup effect, downy, melting, this kind of Qing Lidan's elegant makeup look makes bridal model in never antiquated is classical.

  " bride " clew:

The defect that use screen creams the flaw that covers facial ministry, choose poor powdery copy clear to make the simple sense with bright and clean like porcelain skin; Cheek is red stress burnish feeling, with bead light cheek sweeps a Gao Guangfen red or gently after daub cheek is red; The makeup look of eye ministry highlights the outline of eye ministry with meticulous look line and eyelash, not inflict any exaggerated colour, maintain natural makeup effect.

2006 trend trend is costly bridal makeup (group plan) (2)
Jin Zong's lubricious small sootiness makeup
 Golden makeup is illusive Light Jin Zong is lubricious sootiness makeup, the bead lip of sweet color, enchanting charming is soft, added a low-key nobility for the luxuriant breath that do obeisance to gold. Romantic flower is decorated, in bleak Qiu Rili times show lease of life, colour of coruscate vigor appearance.   " bride " clew: On makeup face with eye makeup is attached most importance to, jin Zong's lubricious small sootiness makeup, match the skin with sweet color, tangerine cheek, the lip of powdery embellish is lubricious, downy the dense feeling that made up an eye infirmly, full-bodied rural amorous feelings delimits for autumn day bride below one peaceful, refined scenery line. 2006 trend trend is costly bridal makeup (group plan) (3)
Fawn on be puzzled and mysterious purple, revealing like the royal family costly and exalted
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