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How to draw colourful light 4 ejaculation brides makeup?
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1. Perfect render

(1) is beginning things of skin of embellish of put on the skin before making up 20 minutes, when such makeup, won't spend.

(2) predicts to may cry excitedly on wedding, besmeared below the eye defect of a few block creams consequently, contain oil

The block defect of fat creams is best choice.

(3) fears powdery bottom is easy fade, added a bit olive oil in powdery bottom consequently, this sounds a bit comical, but truly

Fact is significant.

(4) makes noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch carefully equably toward the face again finally.

2. Artful besmear cheek is red

Double buccal makeup also has knowledge greatly, keep double on wedding to let oneself buccal ruddy, adopt following way:

(The cheek of 1) use opaque is red, because opaque rouge is easier and abiding,keep beautiful beautiful colour.

(2) also can be used cream shape rouge, but when wanting to notice besmear rouge, must besmear as soon as possible divide evenly.

3. Nod eyeball makeup

The eye is interior window, it is very important that so the eye makes up. Because be in,this day of double eye can pour out of wedding probably joyous

Happy tear, want such doing when making up to the eye so:

(1) gives an eye the look on besmear first shadow or a bit pink.

(2) uses waterproof eyelash to cream, want a besmear of a ground, after besmearing its air waits a few seconds after the layer, continue to besmear again


(The eyelash below 3) does not besmear eyelash creams, such in case cry very badly also won't makeup destroy so that be in a complete mess.

(4) curly eyelash, this is double eye big and the method of specially good effect that has a mind.

4. Red lip of 100 fawn on

On wedding, weep besides happy ground beyond, wanting the most business that do may be a kiss. So must

Use a kind not the lipstick of fade, still have even if use when picture lip ministry below these small doohickey, can let double lip on wedding

Abiding glorious is moving.

(1) besmears embellish lipstick is not used before lipstick, if must use a lipstick, answer before making up at least one hour to use.

(2) orders powdery end in the Tu Yi on the lip, such easier chromatic.

(3) gives labial rough sketch with draw the outline of of labial line pen, besmear again next lipstick.

(4) uses a lip to brush a lipstick to besmear to the lip.

(5) wants a lip glittering and translucent and bright, can choose labial color, gem is for instance gules.

(6) should notice what maintain a lip a few days ago in wedding is wet, because labial colour may make a lip dry.
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