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Crystal shoe of the bride
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On wedding, every bride is leading role, as if after Cinderella encountered fairy, become glorious takes a person. Actually, I do not advocate brides put on the crystal shoe of Cinderalla really, but the position that the choice of shoe holds the balance to having however for the bride. The choice of shoe fabrics normally, people metropolis leather shoes is worn on wedding. Because leather fits most person, and leather shoes is easier also to the collocation of marriage gauze formal attire, although wedding passes hind, leather shoes still can continue to wear, it is different from marriage gauze, lifetime of gauze of a marriage is worn only. The embroider shoe that damask makes also is one of choices. The shoe that damask makes compares delicate, stricture commonly, it suits the bride with narrow foot, deserve to go up the cheongsam of same fabrics, a classic beauty appears before guest immediately.


The bride is impossible in wedding that the elephant changes 34 pairs of shoe prepare like marriage gauze, proper shoe facial expression is very accordingly important. Red is the first selection of Oriental bride, it can match not only marriage gauze of white, also can make gules cheongsam more glow. You also can decide to choose according to the depth of color of marriage gauze, formal attire dark red, bright red or it is pink. White is the color that Hesperian likes, the white of indicative chasteness, deserve to go up white gauze, the hand holds lily in both hands, you will make a view on wedding, but white leather shoes has a fundamental premise, that is you cannot match it and gules cheongsam, meet otherwise very not harmonious.

The height of heel

The height of the height of heel and bridegroom is having close connection. Choose the heel of appropriate height, can make bride and bridegroom look more suitable. But if the bride never wears high-heeled shoes at ordinary times, that but must not loath, this meeting makes you walk factitious, and fie-fie on wedding, even sprain foot.

Close a base

Additional, the bride is bought in your shoe hind, had better wear half hour left and right sides in the home everyday. Because new shoes may be worn,rise uncomfortable, be used to slowly only, a period of time practices in the home, such both neither can injure shoe, can make new shoes closes a base more again.

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