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Seek a person about: North, female, hainan reporter of some newspaper office. And come Hainan is entered swing old small a lot of women that have the stockpile are same, consciousness of boreal north independence is very strong, although be on feeling her attaching husband, but go up in money, she feels however cannot each supplies what the other needs. Actually money is contradictory igneous explosive barrel in a lot of families, in the life a lot of husband and wife should face such problem possibly, how to divide? And how to share?

1992 the end of the year, I think method took a of Hainan big newspaper office, began my reporter career. Flash is 6 years

At this moment I, also already 30 years old. The age tells myself to must want to marry. I also am the reporter with a not young fame in Hainan island at that time, for certain I cannot accept marry a man casually. But is the man with rich good condition there is right maiden wait for marry a few to have again?

When encountering Wei Ling to jump over, had passed two years again, the man that I had seen must count incomputable Hunan more. Wei Ling jumps over the cadre that is statistical bureau, had had brief marriage history, because ex-wife went abroad, did not come back again, divorced so. His salary is not high, living a when the unit gives one room one hall, the person is really amiable, grow well also, like speaking of a word to won't resemble some men more, one ask for a favor wants to ask you as clear as day.

After half an year, we begin to discuss conjugal issue. I ever had said previously, the house can use me, he states he comes to conjugal charge immediately. I think, decorate here come down to want near 300 thousand, marry to be spent at most 559 enough also, come so, is he to choose a defecate appropriate? On the problem of money, I think cannot ambiguous. Our years is not young, look more realistically to marriage, seek a partner, become a home, find a place for the think of a way of a nest is far old pass the because of emotive deepness idea that must be together. I put forward AA is made, I say to him is not I do not believe his this individual, be anxious too too to future however. Marriage so knot. According to our agreement, we equally shared maintenance, everybody takes out 1000 money every months, be have a meal and daily expenses. Encounter the thing of each one, oneself draw out oneself.

Salary of Ling Yue of the Kingdom of Wei is not high, every months also with respect to a bit, and I want regular write for a magazine to distribute news dispatches only make good printed sheet, every month is taken 559 unchallenged. Although be together below eave, but our respective standard of living still has very big difference.

This moment, go into the street see right to him thing, I also can buy a place to him. Although Ling Yue earns money not much, but person pretty diligent, temperament is good also, get along usually we or very chummy. In an instant the winter 2000 arrived, ling Yue receives the cable of native place suddenly, say to want to build a house, need brushstroke money. He will look for me to discuss, say to look can send 559 money.
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