Marriage is the warmth of little detail
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Say on the neck that pulls arm into a flower to be surrounded in the woman when the man " marry me " when the word of and so on, the woman always is secretive ground is laughing, do not receive a sentence, not be not to like to marry him, she just has not gotten ready, feel oneself psychology has not matured to be able to do the family's wife. Marriage is the warmth of little detail

To her excuse oneself from, the man is not crestfallen, say tender and implicatively however, "Irrespective, wait, wait one day, when we go tired, I can lend you a pair of arm, it is good to make you good the ground is recumbent. " that momently, she feels very sweet, in the heart very dependable also. Think in the heart, it is much better to be being bestowed favor on by him all the time so.

Before long a day after, unit doorway just was walked out of when she comes off work, the leather shoes that discovers oneself opened a Dakouzi, she is enraged again complain again, bellyful grievance. This is before him two days of leather shoes that buy to oneself, what commodities from abnormal channel! Kill me so humiliating! Thinking so, she feels he is an irresponsible man, on the detail of the life, did not care oneself, did not promise to marry him fortunately.

Ground of her disturbed and indignantdisturbed and indignant is thinking, must nod color to look to him, let him also pay bit of price for his ignorance.

When seeing him so, woman not throat, the man saw beautiful leather shoes be being twined on feminine foot, immediately the heart knows abdomen bright, he also does not know how to explain to her, one face is awkward.

The winter December, cold wind is brisk, the shoe on feminine foot split however mouth, can you freeze bad she? Thinking in man heart, speaking haltingly to open a mouth, be bought a little while again double? Feminine glare he is one, obstinate ground is going ahead, go lamely.

In snowflake of all over the sky, in the corner of street, the wife sees an old man is mending shoes, she feels wronged and act rashly sit beside shoe booth, put oneself shoe before the old man, the man comes over to explain rapidly, busy move and family argy-bargy, this is his daily and mandatory homework.

When the old man begins to mend shoes, the woman feels a foot is exceptionally cold suddenly however, a kind of ache that remember to the end of one's life emerges in the instant mind, hesitating, a foot was extended from the side come over, it is a man, come, your foot is put on my foot, do not want ground, on the ground cool. The man is saying at the same time, bow the foot of a woman is put on his leather shoes at the same time, and showed the cotton-padded trousers that wrapping in the sock come out, get on feminine foot to the bag.

The woman is looked at foolish he foolish, speechless.

Just be in instantly, the woman feels a kind of warmth from come out in the heart, in the flying snow of this all over the sky, be in this desolate and uninhabited city corner, a man the temperature oneself stealthily to oneself transmit in arch, she felt one kind is touched from what had had no, what canthus feels the liquid that has a hot heat is sneaking is oozy, condense into ice, freeze oneself flintily inside.
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