The petty trick that how the wife holds her (1)
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If the woman is clever,attend a meeting frighten run man, that can explain she is not quite clever only. All him independence are hardworking, all him plans decide, gave an issue can oneself are carried, a person cries to place self-confident smiling face to everybody however. If the woman is clever,arrive let feminine repugn, discharge everywhere scheming is dye-in-the-wood, advantage always is he molopolizes, the man also is not fool, be willing to let you take petty gain. Even if astronomy geography knows on you, the men and women knows below delighted, be good at stock football, when facing a man, also want to understand, good-tempered like the mother, depend on like the girl, in the world of half and half of male and female, just be great wisdom of the woman.

● clever regulations one: Self-confident self-love, fascinating

Of sexual distinction contend for long-standing, the most abhorrent is the woman should die with tolerance. Of course, it is kind of goodness really actually restrainedly. But when be being emphasized overly when it, be like a woman to depend on a man more only, ability is more congenial.

Then on the world many the woman of a lot of self-abased self-pity: The root is pressed to had not wanted to want to dispute on any account with male colleague in the company, not be self-abased him record of formal schooling is not tall, be afraid that oneself do not have ability to surpass others namely; Always indulge in the family, suspicion, not be to feel oneself became old be afraid that husband ceases to be faithful, be afraid of namely displeased husband he can like other woman; actually, they lack self-confidence the more, the man can ignore the presence at them possibly the more.

The female of these self-abased self-pity does not have discovery, no matter on-the-job field still is in the life, just is the woman that those self-love self-respect are full of self-confidence, can gain more opportunities and favour. But self-confidence is by no means conceit is mixed strong, know the thing that allows a man to be in charge of him should be being done, put forward to partake for him in equal opportunity, he is met more appreciate you.

Look from some kind of meaning, the man nots less than to the female at biology of the one star outside planting. Clever female can understand what is the issue involves serious principle problem, what is inessential small business, mix with self-confidence good-tempered will get tune, send out in harmony a female's particular fascination, and won't haggle over every ounce absolutely, at every turn lets man and him keep consistent. So, the man is happy to encounter on on-the-job field so well_matched " adversary " , everybody resembles a soldier together same interest challenges difficulty abundantly; And between amative men and women and husband and wife, birdie depends on a person congenial of course, but exorbitant is depended on, because of the woman with self-abased and heavy suspicion, can make a man feel dull insipidity, fulsome even.
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