Jewel: Do the watcher in cornfield of a marriage
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Perfect marriage is need keep watch -- the hour that is close to results more, want to raise vigilance more.
If cornfield of one party of marital assimilate to, perfect marriage, often mean what work difficultly and work hard to pay. "V hoe standing grain day is become midday, sweat drop standing grain leaves ground. Who knows dish of Chinese meal, bead bead is all painstaking. " perfect marriage. A bit not as easy as results crops.

Have a word, "The graveyard that marriage is love " . This word said to be opposite half. Because be in marriage, only love is insufficient, love resembles a seed, some seeds are OK and gemmiparous, some are not OK; Some seeds can be strong, some cannot; What kind of is the seed in your hand?  

Wheat is planted spread in field, love is planted spread in heart, not be to sow what be over -- when shiny green budding begin to issue break out of opportunity of survival in sunshine, you are about to resemble farmer uncle same " carry on one's shoulder is hoe on the shoulder " -- when because grow when wheat,coming out, barnyard grass also chairman comes out, an idiom cries " the good and bad are intermingled " had you heard of? "Bad people " namely a kind very the fireweed that resembles wheat, it also shiny green, and some moment compare wheat more resemble wheat, but if you are resigned its growth, very fast the mead that your cornfield can become clump of a fireweed to be born, come when autumn, what others home harvests is millet, and in your ground however grain is not had close, to that moment, you cry to cry not to come out.

If you do not care,harvest of course, and care about a process only, so you need not so farmer -- let brimless weed grow like your desire, if note,you had enjoyed rainstorm of thunder and bolt too racily even the conflagration dynamic like a terminator has been burned, alarming wild baked wheaten cake is endless, spring breeze is blown be born again. Your life resembles loving slightly special wasteland is same, you cry out you cry you run you rip a heart to crack lung all of your the five internal organs burns you the all the time is expecting spring, till life terminative. That also is means of a kind of life, but this kind of life and perfect marriage have nothing to do. >> > good husband is " canal " come out

Perfect marriage is need keep watch -- the hour that is close to results more, want to raise vigilance more. Sunshine illuminate all things, rippling wheat billow, those small spadger that take wing attack arris arris ground came -- cope with spadger to have two kinds of methods, one kind is the hunter's method, they use fowling piece, waiting silently, aim at, next one gun is hit, play the hair that do not have empty; One kind is the method of the farmer, it plunge into a few jackstraw to be inserted in gally of the gally in the ground is OK to plunge into a few jackstraws to be inserted in gally of the gally in the ground. The most foolish method is foolish the method of girl, brandish is worn bamboo pole drives spadger, come hurry to sole not to take care to drop possibly still one Jiao, drop not carefully to fall possibly still next lifelong deformity. >> > a third party that it is what fights old woman of yellow nevertheless face
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