Marital men and women people ask timely Microsoft
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The cummer beside is a few people of the way that knows management marriage mostly. A day of prattle, mention the secret that manages marriage successfully, say with one voice unexpectedly: Ask timely Microsoft.
Cummer green all along is the boy or girl friend that everybody admires, the person grows beautifully, softhearted, the target that a lot of opposite sex seeks is when was not being married, the target that the gentleman dotes on exclusively is become again after marrying a person. Her gentleman career is successful, feeling is exquisite, ferial how to busy without giving thought to, always do not forget to make little romance to blueness, for instance the perfume before the chocolate on the head of a bed, dresser, all the time since, her happiness, so good that make a woman envious. But she unluckily not know what's good, those who had not boiled 7 years of marriage is urticant, the colleague that follows oneself made extramarital love, and grow in intensity, be evident there is no concealing on the truth, she decides to follow gentleman face-off. After peace negotiates, a breakfast, the gentleman puts albumen to the yoke in him bowl to be put in her bowl as usual, it why blueness asks you are returned is so good to me that blueness asks you are returned? The gentleman answers: I had been used to such breakfast, was used to such love you. Black eye is wet, embraced a gentleman actively closely ahead. Ask the regret after her, she laughs say, marriage permits compromise only, if do not know timely Microsoft, that loves with respect to no point.
Li Bihua says: Real love has test, painful, perturbed, temptation necessarily, sad... a variety of dropping develop, just calculate perfect, also should weep necessarily among this. Never cry in long night, cannot accomplish mind flesh and blood. Look these words are well-founded.
Our emotional life always needs Microsoft hour, resemble getting along vinegar of tea of need fuel sauce, the flavor that like which was short of, lives can differ greatly same. Normally the timely Microsoft in marriage, it is the affection gas station of man and woman.
A cummer made new explanation to this. She and husband are college fellow student, love from campus enter marriage, have children of a pair of boy-girl twins, the time passes insipid and contentedly. Later, husband is worked to Shanghai by tone, the day of two people begins to stumble, he feels the tender feeling that is less than the home, when she is tired beside the hand that holds closely without one parents, two people are noisy in the phone when meeting, make a noise, when who disturbing to be disinclined to make a noise, they decide to part company. Part company that day, he asks a pair of wife and his children to accompany him to go to a supermarket buying thing again together. Before fruit archives, the banana that daughter of 8 years old knows to take spot is not good-looking but delicious, the umbilical orange color that son of 8 years old knows to have hilum ability is delicious, ask they are teachers those who tell? Qi Qi of a pair of children shakes his head, 4 lovely little hands pulled father together. Cummer can'ts help the marriage that fine fine consider had him 10 years, because be afraid that fish bone blocks larynx, have a fish every time, the gentleman always casts its place to make piscine ball very; If cross a street together, those who go to protect her to the left always is husband... be, always think everything went, can be those we at ordinary times the trace of oversight, accumulate the habit that makes the love in marriage slowly however. Actually, that ability is the most moving Microsoft hour. And all all these, let cummer believe, have a kind of happiness, want to admit to also want timely expression already. When coming out from the supermarket, she says to him: We come home together.
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