Jewel: How to use " small crafty plot " the design lives
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Jewel: How to use " small crafty plot " the design lives

Everybody comes to the world, can begin to have a present. That lives namely. Next, be brought up gradually as him, we can see some people become this gift big and good, some people manage his gift palely few is weak. Aught is to need to go attentively " design " . It is the life what is more,the rather that.

1 design of PART   case

● design is a kind of instinct

Character: Small blue

Start meaning index: ☆ of ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

The design is politic: In order to change get the upper hand of, the soul that allows the home dances

The arras of the abb that knit a flower of that exotic amorous feelings is hanged by I and ground of join forces of husband be of one mind eventually wall, deserve to go up the manual embroider cushion for leaning on of those a few same styles on sofa, the blackart great wave that our home is like the Li Bote that be breathed out a few, the coruscate when standing goes out be different from general glorious.

When I marry 3 years, I am opposite this originally pretty good " " aesthetic and fatigue, but the financial capacity of tremendous mental efforts that wants to decorate place of a house to need to pay afresh, hesitate a bit again. Be in at this moment, my meet unexpectedly this beautiful abb arras (say well and truly, writing on carry out label " carpet " , but whose regulation cannot hang carpet to the wall too? ) , to secure it on the wall, it is good that I and Laogong were expended a time, but also begin from this arras, my shine gives out the enthusiasm that designs the life that occupy the home.

It is to redesign guest room above all, originally the two-men cane bed that this room has one Zhang Jian sheet only and simple furniture, feel suddenly, why cannot let it become have emotional appeal more? Even if kisses friend to live occasionally, also can let them feel wonderful state of mind. Acquired then sofa of a piece of white canvas, an accept on the west hanging, an abb carpet, greenery and small ornament were placed on original desk and TV ark, room immediately beautiful rise. Those a few I and husband are abandoned advocate the night that lie and goes straight towards guest room continuously, have strange feeling very much!

The kitchen becomes my the next to design an object. Purchased some of cabinet wearing board, assembled " look very lovely " cabinet wearing, this my what have deep love for cooking a lot of condiment and bottle container canister not anxious does not have the ground put aside! Bought a small blackboard again, hang on the wall of citric yellow, since loves leave a message board but sow a newspaper for a short while " now menu " -- be full of one day when inviting menu lets I and him look forward to. Turn over unused double deck patten to wear again, turn it into plant wearing, put aside on flowers and plants, kitchen at a draught delicate many, the Qing Yi outside having lampblack...
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