The night of newly-married, I this how " say "
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The night of newly-married, I this how " say "

After we return a room, chen Rui is staring at my eye to ask: "Am you and I first time? Why is the eye closed when you make love, you why unlike do I refuse like the fair maiden? " my chafe ground is blusterous path: "You why would rather I pretend affectedly fair maiden, how to also wish to see I love you? Love even if pay entirely, be not of plan gain and loss. Be not of plan gain and loss..

   Be engaged with Chen Rui

3 years ago, when I just ended a paragraph of amour cloudily, chen Rui walked into my life casually. Be in in ball our meet by chance. His gangling stature is poised and graceful, the business suit of a suit black, what there are refined scroll taste and big boy on the face is undemonstrative.

Jump dance, chen Rui very gent ground puts forward to send me. He did not send me to come home directly, take me a carry on one's shoulder however sweet the lakefront of 4 excessive. Do not know why, first time and new man leave home, I have a kind of particularly safe feeling however. When after before I tell him, male friendly Zhang Jiang went to France, coming back again, be unable to bear or endure wept, he draws out orderly men's the handkerchief is my mop tear, the light mint that give out comes loose to fragrance makes me quiet and feel relieved in the handkerchief.

We are so automatical ground love. When be engaged, chen Rui is fingertip of drop of a platinum on my hand say, make wish, next we close an eye. When exchanging oath, he says: "I promise: Will love you with whole life. Will love you with whole life..

I say: "Hold a little space and secret for love. " after Chen Rui listens, there is a kind of disappointed to be like the expression that break on the face. In his dictionary, love each other even if want the other side to be without reservation. And I am modern woman, I know the space that happy principle is him reservation and independence.

   My past is the topic that Chen Rui cares most

Only lets what I am unhappy secretly is, my past is the topic that Chen Rui cares most. He cares Zhang Jiang is a what kind of man; He still asks about more detail, for example he has kissed me; Whether has he had intimate contact with me... every time, I am partly true the ground says some of witty remark, make he also always took the past that forbids me what to produce after all. I remember the story of girl of liver mosses silk deeply, goodness and honesty are not brought forever lucky, especially feminine past.

I discover, actually Chen Rui is a very conservative man, I am evasive thing more he is to want to know more, and these gradually things make he becomes anxiety-ridden.

The life of newly-married is closer and closer, chen Rui is completed a project however by tone to Hainan, I of the suffering that cannot help longing for really ask for leave to see him to Hainan. Be in one day the beach is photogenic carry ramble, face of cool wind stroke, hypo is licking us gently bare double sufficient, we feel that momently extremely good, be unable to bear or endure to play on the beach rise. Do not take care, I fall to go up in the beach, hit fully wetly all over, take the chance him also leave it at that is in water, we laugh happily, mutual kiss must be full of Xian Xian's seawater and silt in the mouth. We resemble tangle together like two loach, the body is deep-set in the beach, a kind of love gets the insanity of dark all round. That one night, we tasted forbidden fruit secretly for the first time.
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