Jewel: Criticism should avoid hard between husband and wife
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Criticism is a kind of of communication special kind, can cut off, the relationship that destroys two people. In spouse concern, the purpose of the person that criticize is not for solution conflict definitely or pull the distance with the spouse, feel oneself are justifiable however, a cut above others. Criticism is a kind of kind that sends anger of vent one's anger. When criticism, you always want carping. The information that you transmit to the other side is: "Your in some way has drawback, let me cannot be accepted. " criticism can affect another person really, make the other side perhaps keeps away from of purpose you, or rise revolt, or be in your bear grudges heart. Criticism is the expression that does not have brains, cannot have what effect, won't produce expectant result.

All husband and wife can blame two from time to time, this is very normal. However complaint can be conveyed through certain kind, make the spouse is willing to listen attentively to and too won't inimical. For instance, you should talk about a spouse what to do to be able to get your appreciation more, is not to always staring at the place that lets you feel disgusted. Such your spouses hear your word more likely, consider your requirement. If you can hold to so do, and be in thank, you will discover welcome change. The result that brings with this kind of means and conjugal communication is far get more than criticism much. Treating children also is such. Admiration has powerful force, not allow to underestimate.

When this one principle is raising a dog as much applicable -- the meaning that here does not have a dog of person assimilate to. Had accepted the dog of a few basic training, can take paper into house, to the men and women in the home the thing is given between host, "Receive " the phone hands host stethoscope, the trash on pick up floor is thrown into ash-bin. Train the dog into such not difficult, need to be when its err only not dispute, and a few are praised when it is successful, embrace a few times went. Criticize it to be able to contuse its dash.

In this respect, person and animal do not have what difference. Affirmation and the response that encourage a gender can change our life really. Because we hope and need other believes us. From South America in Babeiba's tribal behavior, we discovered extremely blazing is paradigmatic. If this tribal member made a fault can be taken village center. At this moment the everybody of the village can drop the work in the hand, gather rise, his advantage and almsdeed, recollect in detail, and the mistake that makes to its does not say a single word however.

This kind of ceremony can last several days sometimes, till the crowd that gather in surround into big rounds all round this individual. Everybody, do not divide long young, ordinal speak to encircling medium person, list the good work that this individual has done. This person all positive performance, include he or her good moral character, the positive performance of that person not be born said, ability declare ends the ceremony. The person in be being encircled right now is enmeshed already completely in a complimentary term sound, be returned to tribe finally at the same time by the welcome of clansman. Can you imagine this person feels to his? Can you imagine this individual asks to continue to carry forward does the desire of these advantages have many intense? Probably today's people also should hold similar ceremony in marriage and family, in order to replace the rebuke of those babble and criticism.
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