Ordinary husband gave me happy world
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The person that pour out: Beautiful child employee of look forward to of 26 years old of illicit

Beautiful child very lead a gender, very true, she also is same to the sweetheart's feeling. This is a heart the young woman that is full of happy feeling, she hopes such happiness can continue forever go down --

I want to write down this paragraph of character, the record issues a year of my matrimony of half, it is to thank my husband, thank him to care and be taken care of to mine, still he brings my joy. Often hear somebody to say, marital time grows the life to be able to become dull, although I do not know to be met later how, but I now is happiness, our easy life of a small family, also be to grow has taste.

I and husband are understanding of the year before last year. The life that be in love is very happy, even if just be pressed,press a driveway to be able to feel very happy, always have the word that does not say. Arrived in the evening, we send a short message even, arrive to be opened tiredly really all the time do not open his eyes just agree withdraw troops. Love a year many later, we married.

We work from foreign land to this city, say with its for the dream, be inferior to saying to live. We rented a little room, how to leave our small home in this city. People says, the stout woman after marriage has good fortune, I am fat really. I also believe, can marry him, I am a person that has good fortune.

What should say him really is good, do not know to speak of from which actually. He is hold out " man " person, when facing me, can become however of sentimental, the thing wants to worry about accordingly without size. I am a confused person, work to be able to get hurt: Very hot hand, clip hand, cut a hand of what; Walk to won't see a car again, throw on one Jiao can indescribably on even road even. He takes me to do not have method, always not be at ease, often sufferring from a face to ask me: "When can you just be brought up? What to think in your head? " sometimes I get angry egoistically, he looks at me helplessly to say: "How are you met such? " next follow closely: "It is me give you be used to... "

He can use all leisure and clearance call to me everyday, tell me to have a meal on time, cannot make oneself hungry wear; If which day he should work overtime, also can give me to call in fixed time, tell me now should be to have a meal time! He resembles an elder brother to my feeling, resemble father again...

Await him to come off work in those days earlier than me, return the home to prepare dinner. I should see the light of the kitchen only, in the heart very dependable, even the expectation that that faint light also is me a day. We are more lively after dinner, wash a bowl to want by " stone shears cloth " will decide; Next two people play cards, washed-up person should sing. He sings very Orphean, every time when he sings, I cry exaggeratively intentionally: "Good, be good! Come to again, come to again! " where to no matter he is sung,go to at this moment, can stop abruptly, keep a straight face next say: "You are tired foolish boy! " next we laugh together.
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