How to after marrying, communicate
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What we often see is spouse concern basic feeling is good, but be being communicated each other and is some of problem on communication, affected each other relation.
Be in to husband and wife amative phase, see advantage of the other side much, and after marrying, live together time grew, defect is exposed gradually come out, contradiction also can happen.
Husband and wife communicates have 3 kinds of functions:
1 , mutual pass information, let the other side knew to produce what thing, both sides is shared and face the issue of place happening, and feel husband and wife is an organic whole.
2, ask for, expressive opinion, discuss to settle the way that handles an issue.
3, the communication between husband and wife still has a main function, let the other side know your feeling to him at any time namely, profession your appreciation, love with only affection, such ability go maintain and consolidating between husband and wife feeling. Soulful expression, be not rely on oral conversation, from the expression of expression, movement or other blame language, but the mate that praises oneself directly occasionally, expressing love act also is very important.
The commonnest husband and wife communicates difficulty to depend on each other thinking not need says the other side to should understand, as long as can mind is comprehended can, the more actually people on one's own side needs to often chat more, make clear a meaning, share experience.
Sometimes two people are lacked communicate concern with case of two human nature, somebody does not like to be conveyed with the language natively, plus bashful, do not have confidence to hold to his opinion, return both sides of some husband and wife to the mouth is criticized and censure, become the dispute that takes internal heat immediately, do not have method to communicate, this often communicates a disorder to concern with husband and wife. Accordingly, in association, want to notice talking art.

(1 ) , when raising a requirement to others, express to understand to the feeling of the other side above all, be like: I know you are very tired, but whether do you put your clothes in fixed place.
(2) , want consider sth as it stands, do not speak out the dissatisfaction to other issues together, cannot say: "Your this individual is such always "" you always are such "
(3) , the purpose that expression experiences depends on solving a problem, not be to want to quarrel, expressing dissatisfaction while, should put forward you to be opposite next proposal, be like: "You come home to also do not call late, family member very do not be at ease, next time best what one is particularly good at informs the home first in. "Grouse become a hope.
(4) , do not raise voice, need not acid accent, should not spin more face, criticize each other with the hand.
(5) , if if you told yourself straight-outly to want,saying, the other side got angry, the manner is very abominable, you do not go to ball " kick back " does not think self-surrender is he ate to have a deficit, after passing, he can regret, after waiting for him to come down calmly, you chat again calmly with him not late, "When a growl of National People's Congress when, another person should static listen, when two people big growl when, did not communicate but character. Nine times out of ten, argumentative result can make both sides believes than before he is absolutely and correct more.
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