Story: Lived together I calculate you after all who
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Ambiguous: Lived together I calculate you after all who

Lived together, do not have later development tardy however, it is a lot of girls' very depressed thing. Say like her person place really: "He is not cannot burden family however cannot him burden feeling. He is not the warmth that does not yearn for the home, feel you are not that one person that warmth brings to him in his heart however. " the conversation that hearing pair of sweethearts together!

The doubt of sweethearts:

Small Peng suffers enough.
Every time people asks her: "Do you have a boy friend? " she does not know how to should reply. She has a man that lives together, but she does not know they are what relations. Small going up is one very attractive maturity man, from different, have one child along with the mother, just came back from Holand, the career is successful, the room has a car, shuaiyou has grade, and special still know a woman, meet considerate woman, small Peng never has seen a so perfect man. Exclusive inadequacy is, this man does not want to become her boy friend. If he does not want to do husband completely understandable, how to connect " boy friend " also do not want to do. Unluckily he is opposite again she is particularly good particularly serious, do not have the meaning of game absolutely. Small Peng is not clear now man how.

Small go up to also suffer enough.

And small go up to also do not understand, why should the woman always be " relation " and " v/arc a person's status " on stick like a limpet? Am I good to her insufficient still? I am concentrated, do not have excessive affection again, it is what lover or girlfriend have to distinguish, it is this be difficult with sb everyday, ask ceaseless.
I want to do your girlfriend only
Dear is small go up:
Have a problem I know very clumsy, and I had asked you a lot of times, but what relation is still should continueing to ask you us after all?
3 years ago, I had asked you, you still are in in those days Amsterdam, bringing up authority to engage in a lawsuit with your ex-wife in what be the child, you say you like me very much, but when can be the divorce big fight that does not know this waste man power and money just stopped. So you say, we become a good friend.
After a year, you had free body, I go Holand goes vacationing, the night that spent 7 happiness together with you and by day. Face board a plane that in the morning, your Fu body looks at me on the pillow, say, it is good to do my lover? My astounded, I think had been your girlfriend. But the boy friend that you say to you cannot do me however, you do not know to be able to go back to the motherland in the future, you still say, you hate to part with me, however because of too distant, the responsibility that a boy friend should use up cannot be used up beside me.
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