Accurate husband and wife mights as well yielding a point (affection is raised a
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Wait for existence difference as a result of bilateral culture culture, economic atmosphere, aesthetic viewpoint, the respect such as the form that so accurate husband and wife is decorating bridal chamber and wedding is incidental difference. Happen when wedding day drawing near to avoid this kind of unpleasantness, accurate husband and wife should notice the following:

1. In treat buy furniture, curtain, carpet and room to decorate wait for a problem to go up, the woman has certain special skill or knowledge, she is in when seeking man opinion, the man should respect the woman's desire as far as possible.

2. If the woman offers a few grandiose ways, and man economy condition is relatively some poorer, the man should discuss his economic case clear, do according to one's abilities, not crude refuse.

3. Marrying is an important matter of life, the woman takes seriously quite, ground of can complete body and mind is thrown in intending the work, if the woman is informal,say a few words does not get audition word, the man should show consideration for the woman, do not haggle over every ounce, enlarge disturbance.

4. Once both sides produces contradiction, should act on as soon as possible the principle of become reconciled, do some of self-criticism actively, clear the air. Must not involve bilateral family, meet otherwise become acute is contradictory.