The woman after marriage most 5 kinds of harm that be afraid of
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The woman after marriage most 5 kinds of harm that be afraid of

After the passion of love fades, insipid day hard to avoid bends or wrinkle, at this moment he was finished it seems that of the man " thematic capriccio " return to again " solo " happy. And romantic you as before the warmth that bitter is seeking a woman and harmony. No wonder psychologist says, in mentally, the man is contractive, the woman diffuses. The harm of swift and fierce is then following one by one, make you good not sad.

One of harm: Talk irresponsible

Language open the communication of popular feeling, also caused aeriform harm, because the person is having imaginary gift. The talk irresponsible in general and human relation has nothing to do main point, the person that be like the dear that he is you, any casual blurt out cause the harm to you likely. Add feminine all through the ages " listen to love " over " see love " , the proper limits for speech or action of the language is having apparently at the woman those who excel a man is sensitive. Because be familiar with too, too habit, too very close to each other, probably his feeling to you increasingly coma, serve as a woman you are right he however all the more is flimsy.

Amy of communication company selling manager has had the pain that is harmed: Amy works recently very busy, there often is a dinner party in the evening, when coming home already in the dead of night. Husband Lei Yang of Amy looks at the face of moxa rice overworked what to also to say, it is this day only, amy's mother from provincial come round, it is good that Lei Yang receives a station to find a place for old person, still do not see Amy's sign, appear in door mouth till the pulling tired out figure partly at 11 o'clock Ai Micai in night, those who greet is Lei Yang's furious expression and the speech that are full of complaint: Stroll which, also do not make a telephone call, this home still is had in the heart. Outside busy terribly defeated, come home to undergo austerity however, the tear when Aimidu emerges like the spring, the small talk of blurt out harms Amy be a nass of bruises.


"Ask your ten million to want caution, my harm comes from at you " it is a libretto, what it reminds the man that becomes the man to must not forget a wife is flimsy. Want to use a heart slightly only, those who jump to the side of the mouth " Hu Yan " defend can self-consciously surely " discipline of husband and wife " . Outside because divide,imagining, the person still has conscience and self-conscious gift, let conscience tell him the hardship of the wife, let observe condition self-consciously for him the massiness of the predestined relationship, come so, both of you arrange the perfect naturally of bound of 2 the world its natural home.

Of harm: Do sth without authorization acts

Contemporary marriage, the husband is very busy, the wife is not relaxed also. But also want each other to connect in the freedom of respective independence " information " ability is reasonable. The acceptance that places before marriage can produce unexpected change probably, but after all is husband and wife, append modern news report so convenient and quick, the feminine love that the hard to avoid of action of do sth without authorization that does not greet sb completely can yield to do a wife suffers not to rise, although he is complete well-intentioned.
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