9 hooey that before marrying, cannot work absolutely
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On the world most those who be short of is true perhaps it is to regret medicine, every time the go on an expedition that we search look for to look for for a long time, find one individual betroth a girl lifelong, but the elapse as incident, can discover such or in that way as meaning. Know obviously inside the heart " do not listen to old person character to be in an unfavorable situation it is before " , but still do not have complain those who do not have regret " do not bump south the wall does not turn round! " marry " Target=_self>MarryFast 5 years, want to get the advice of the mom when the object with husband, just understand the pains of the old person at this moment. The following dharma, for be being taken an examination of in the sisters in be passionately in love!                             

The first give up: Do not want to let relatives by marriage prematurely meet.     

This thinking, bilateral parents met, go was opposite approximately oneself are meddlesome, actually this is extremely big mistake, after each other are familiar, meeting gradually as a result of habits and customs different, generation misunderstanding, more serious meet who cannot bear the sight of, impracticable finally is yourself. Should marry best namely, bilateral relatives by marriage meets again, maintain in guest affection condition is best! After marrying had better meet less also! Common saying says: "The distance produces the United States! "The distance produces the United States!!

The 2nd give up: Do not shop to nurturance of prospective husband's family partial    

Cannot wait to love to shop to mother-in-law farther-in-law too in antenuptial festival, but reach him home, do not make a demand to husband. Long such, can letting what husband is used to think to him Mom, his pa shops gradually is regular job, form the idea that the girl marries a person to be about to be given priority to with husband's family. The both sides when I suggest the festival shops, form a habit easy to handle of the ability after marriage.

The 3rd give up: The too enthusiastic household     that assumes husband's family does not want before marriage

Before marrying assume actively cook, wash clothes, wash the dress to wait for a thing to husband, what the girl should keep certain is missish, can let a mother-in-law think you are right otherwise of her son care, or you are right of their family care! Do appropriately a few, but not too devoted!

The 4th give up: Do not talk about the thing     of own a married woman's parents' home too much in husband's family

Saying innocently auditor is intentional, do not want and mother-in-law him refer the thing of a married woman's parents' home, feel dull to talk about teleplay, talk about current affairs. The thing of own home, husband's family knows lesser to had been jumped over! Have sororal brother especially, who did parents give to buy a house, who buys a car etc! Buy a house when you in the future, buy the business such as the car, the mother-in-law can pay close attention to, whether yourself gets a married woman's parents' home aided financially!
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