Of traditional marriage common -- pass a gift piece
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 " look close " , " look when ' , later, should fulfill be engaged formalities, common says " pass a gift " .

 " pass a gift " the first pace, it is by go-between the birthday character 8 the man sends the woman, the woman's birthday 8 send the man, have some of superstitious father and mother, the marriage that considers as pair of children oneself is responsible, often should ask fortune-telling gentleman after receiving Gong Tie computative one, see both sides " birthday character 8 " whether to close, if should not; Marriage is about to reconsider. Fortunately modern most does not believe this one, so although exchange Gong Tie, just also often be a kind of form just, some changed the form of post to be avoided repeatedly even.

 " change post " , " add up to character 8 " later, go-between should pick a wedding day, take the man to go " pass a gift " be engaged. "Pass a gift " it is an important matter, of general espouse active person (no matter men and women) should send brushstroke heavy gift to another, the gift wants to include pig upper part of a leg of pork at least, wine a pair, gallinaceous duck each one, give the dress material of parents of the other side each one. Footgear each pair, bag front cover, the thing that gives a girl a certain number of. Bag inside front cover seals how many money, to the girl a few assorted order bridal thing, be in commonly had talked things over respectively with both sides by go-between beforehand, cannot by the man (or the woman) calculate how much to how much. Of course, the man or woman father and mother also should replace consider of the other side as far as possible, do one's best is a few more economical, accept betrothal gift less.

 " pass a gift " later, both sides of male and female can decide date, handle a marriage certificate to local government, formal affirmatory marriage concerns. Before both sides of male and female gets a marriage certificate, contemporary regulation wants to do pre-marital check-ups to the hospital; Return some areas (basically be a city) the regulation should do class of the study before marriage. These are to ensure the prepotent actor Yo, significant step that ensures population quality, should comply with is carried out.