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Archaic woman often " be born in boudoir person to was not known, it is beautiful it is to ugly unmanned and witting " . After classics go-between bring two parties together, the man often raises the requirement that have a look. This kind issues the bride's side to make in the non-staple food of go-between by the man the first time the activity of the visit, those who say for " look close " . Elegant say " date " .

Had been decided beforehand by go-between and the day that  dates notifies a men and women both sides, accordingly, both sides should make good preparation. The man wants the hobby according to Fu square parents, prepare a bit gift; Fu just wants sweep court, preparation welcomes a visitor. As party, 2 people want the men and women dress up so that have demeanor as far as possible, glazed colour a few, so that give opposite party good " the first impression " .

 looks is marriage in person whether a successful crucial link, especially the man, want to want to treat cautiously especially. The gift although and so on of mug-up of wine of smoke of no more than, do not care about an amount much, value is high, and it is good to must cast its place, avoid by all means offends the contraindication of parents of the other side; Dress dresses up should expert fashionable; Bearing of words and deeds wants modesty civilized. Look in ancient times when kissing, the man can create an opportunity to see a girl secretly by go-between only, differred now, both sides of male and female can interview face, talk continuously. Both sides has an opportunity to have a preliminary knowledge to the other side.

 China is " ceremony Yi Zhibang " , pay attention to reservation. See close result often do not profession directly, and will behave with all sorts of suggestions. A lot of places are after the man takes the door, woman father and mother pours on one cup of hot tea to the boy first, the boy saw a girl feel favorite, this cup of tea a drink works; Next the girl's parents discusses together with the girl, if agree with marry, leave the man and go-between to have a meal, different idea is taken office as say good-bye by the man come home, some parents still hold what go-between brings the man in the palm to meet even the ceremony is taken away.

 some areas besides look close besides, still have " examine other people " consuetudinary. "Examine other people " also be to look actually close, it is the man guides the woman to had seen girl hind by go-between, fu square parents is right pussyfoot of marriage of short duration, guide by go-between again, return Home Fang Nan. One belt calls Qi Yang " look when " . Look at that time, on man parents Ying Xianfeng sweet tea, chat with Fu square parents next. Fu square parents chats with man parents through watching the bridegroom's or husband's family, if be approbated to marriage, drink with respect to will sweet tea, man parents instantly with " relatives by marriage " proportional, and guest of great kindness entertainment. Otherwise, woman father and mother should rise say good-bye, the man should not detain a guest constrainedly
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