10 wrong viewpoints in marriage
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The result of census confirms recently, the divorce rate of our country rises sharply. Fast split is moved toward after almost close 1/3, a lot of couples also begin to examine his marriage afresh. If you also are preparing to move toward the other one aspect of the matter of red carpet with the spouse, it is clear that the following fact must be known first.

Wrong viewpoint 1: The profit that marriage brings to the man is more than the woman.

Fact: As contrary as former a lot of reports, latter findings shows, the profit that marriage brings to man and woman is euqally much, it is different respect only just. Matrimonial, man and wife can live a few longlier, a few happier, a few richer. Major family man is earned more than the wife, opposite, the wife gets economically support.

Wrong viewpoint 2: The child's advent can make the love between the couple more deep, make matrimony happier.

Fact: Consider to make clear with findings in great quantities, the arrival of the first child will be aloof the relation between husband and wife, bring aeriform pressure to marriage. But the domestic divorce than doing not have the child leads the family that has the child a little a few lower.

Wrong viewpoint 3: A paragraph of marriage whether long key is luck and romantic emotional appeal.

Fact: More important than luck and romance, it is responsibility heart and Xiang Jingru guest. A few years of conjugal love if couple of a day is their marital appearance to pay immense labor to just create the work that give. The happiest love associate also is the friend that likes with interest is touched in sharing life to each other.

Wrong viewpoint 4: The woman with taller record of formal schooling is married harder go out.

Fact: Newest marriage investigation makes clear, nowadays, the woman that has university record of formal schooling finds love more easily than doing not have the woman of university record of formal schooling, no matter they whether age slants big or had had marital experience. This and past photograph are compared is a major change.

Wrong viewpoint 5: Did not marry to live together for a long time can make two people know the other side better, get used to the other side, the marriage that can have more harmonious happiness than the sweethearts that pass living together before marriage in the future concerns.

Fact: A large number of findings confirm, the life after marriage of the person that live together before marriage is not happy, the probability that part company is higher. Among them since,a reason is them so give the other side to live together oneself easily, once marriage hind appears contradiction also can put forward to part company easily. The expert points out, the lack when the husband and wife that lives together before marriage encounters difficulty solves the dash of the problem.

Wrong viewpoint 6: Present person cannot expect in that way like the person in the past photograph of one's whole life defends a paragraph of marriage, because present person life is long much.
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