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Everybody may have seen foreign movie, of novel and so on, know to propose in abroad marrying is to should send ring. That Mo, do you know: What moment, who to send ring?
Press western custom, if a gentleman fell in love with a young lady, his meeting Date she. If be being fathommed about the same, he should consider to buy ring. To show the man's loyalty, he should be beautiful opposite at his 2-3 lunar income buys to be engaged ring. This is in abroad also is very expensive, nearly 10 thousand dollar! Have only commonly very rare the money with so much flower of expensive lapidary ring ability. Press current price, 8000-9000$ can buy the diamond ring that 2 carat control. Or the Lan Baoshi of extremely good quality or emerald ring. (of course, general jewelry store can have Discount, you spend same money, may buy better ring) tell commonly, buy those who plunge drop to want much. Coloured gem is very good of course, but it is good to like ability when the other side only, if for insurance for the purpose of, still suggest everybody is bought those who plunge drop is good.
Try to win sb's favor plunge drop, be about to looked for an opportunity to send. Make an appointment with your beloved young lady to the place of a very quiet and tastefully laid out romance. Wait a moment like high-grade restaurant, be to should create two people commonly the opportunity of Dressup (don't you want to pull pull crowded crowded is proposing to your sweetheart? You of course also won't of be most willing to pull to pull crowded crowded is the girl proposes? ) the friend that also can ask a flock of is close friends of course is in your home Party, anyhow should find equal opportunity, send her ring. American is can meet very much the nation of an act in a play. At this time, no matter know, the encourage of beatific Wu Gu of the enthusiasm that you can get a lot of people. Girl at that time but miserable, just by fill French brandy, russian vodka, the one feel dizzy in the head, the person jeers all round, one begin points to ring, also pick no less than coming again commonly this before following a key point Shuai Xiaohuo of confused and disoriented, the photograph of be most willing to is accompanied all one's life.
Be engaged after, if do not have special account, both sides is cannot of informal break off an engagement. Be engaged one year commonly inside, both sides wants consultative hold wedding. Western custom, everything bridal is by what manage in woman home. Charge by woman burden. On wedding, wear wedding ring to bridegroom bride by the priest. Wedding ring is common golden ring commonly, often be didymous, and the name that inside ring quarter have bridegroom bride. This marriage give up can be to want to be prepared by the woman's parent! The bride is in marry after, will be engaged commonly ring gets off, wear wedding ring. Of course also somebody is engaged and wedding ring is worn. General this ring is worn, it is lifetime, or else gets off. Now Puritanism of believe in of a lot of people, once marry, or else divorces.
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