Marriage, family and responsibility
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A sociological doctor is muddleheaded when doing project, because he is in,induce when two congenial material, discover conclusion contradicts each other. One is 4800 when magazine company offers sampling findings report, those who ask is: What is having decision effect in safeguarding marriage? The person of 90% answers is love. But from the court the data that civil law court provides looks, it is far from so return a responsibility, in case of divorce of 4800 pairs of agreements, true because feeling is complete burst and of the divorce do not occupy 10% , look true those who maintain marriage is not love.

Then he is investigated to community, the result that investigates as a result makes him very disappointed, besides the hackneyed theme of and so on of good-tempered, self-surrender, appreciate, on interviewee body he also did not find out the adj relation of love and marriage. In be being compared nevertheless, he has a small discovery, that is: Those people that fail on marriage, not be to look for a fault object, did not put domestic blame on the heart however.

So, no matter angle looks from which, marriage has love merely is not enough then. A paragraph of perfect marriage, it needs love to come not only moist, need each other esteem understanding, self-surrender and credit more. It is more important to still have is responsibility.

Marriage is human society a lasting topic. What many people lean in marriage of discussion hold together now is responsibility or emotive problem. After all, sense of responsibility is right the it is very main to rise firm effect that maintains marriage, this are need not of doubt. Alleged responsibility is both sides of male and female should be opposite from already the obligation that little family assumes jointly and already was oneself among the family enjoyed power. Responsibility includes the right and obligation, the right to the husband and obligation, husband is opposite the wife the right of the wife and obligation.

The responsibility that says here provided the social part of everybody clearly. Relative to at feeling character, both existence wears the following a few distinction: Feeling is to rise and fall errant, and responsibility is stable and changeless; Feeling cannot say get one's own back, and responsibility stipulates the move is bilateral pay with obtain; Feeling cannot ask the other side and can ask only from already, responsibility is to both sides character forever.

So a writer made a very good figure of speech to this, she says: "If say marriage is a river, so the dikes and dams that sense of responsibility is this river, do not have responsible marriage, be like the river that does not have dikes and dams necessarily same, can dry up to die even sooner or later. Can dry up to die even sooner or later..

Small quick He Xiaoning marriage, they are foreign enterprises " white-collar " , the mind of two people is very open. Before marriage, two people with respect to mae a few regulations to be observed by all concerned, the life of hands-off the other side after marriage, give the absolute freedom of the other side. They allege to the outside should do a pair " new era husband and wife " , and their marriage is the most comfortable marriage, they won't give opposite party any manacling, they do not bear " what cannot bear in marriage is heavy " .
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