Houseboat wedding
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1, offer You Lun.
2, 8 desks are luxurious frigorific eat meets marriage banquet or 80 person-time essence of life (standard bill of fare) .
3, offer receive the limousine car one that sends bridegroom, bride.
4, the advanced bright festoon that offers marriage car is plunged into.
5, marry round-the-clock that day dog to bridal hairdressing makes up and beautify hair service
(reached bridal home that day) .
6, marry the chest of the bride that boosts flower, headdress flower, bridegroom is beautiful that day.
7, offer marry the professional whole journey that day is photographed picture, VCD is made
(give a video tape a dish) .
8, offer marry the photography of professional whole journey that day serves.
9, offer red carpet, allied show card, mike, acoustics to wait.
10, offer marry the flow plan that day.
11, marry whole journey of professional that day emcee is chaired.
12, offer marry the spot superintend and director that day guides.
13, offer ceremony of wonderful candle power.
14, offer marry the 3 layer marriage cake that day.
15, offer champagne tower and bottle of big champagne one.
16, offer marry romantic sea signs up for.
17, the star accompanies a singer, build spot atmosphere.
18, offer umbriferous, card pulls the recreational establishment such as OK on yacht.
19, offer banquet of 80 person-time marriage to be fond of candy entirely.
20, offer complete ship elegant balloon adornment.
21, the background music that provides marriage dinner scene.
22, give attendance book of elegant honored guest to be reached originally sign pen.
23, give card of every desk desk and every desk 5 pieces of elegant invitation.
24, order full 10 desks or full 100 person-time send room of view scene marriage.
25, marry the elegant marriage room that day is decorated.

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