Fluorescence is bridal
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According to the amount of guest, choose the hotel of above of class of a SamSung accordingly, muti_function hall or banqueting hall must a few bigger, such more facilitating marriage celebrates a company to the spot is designed and be decorated
1.Early at 8 o'clock -- 9:30, bridegroom is received close (spot superintend and director guides follow)
2.Car of the marriage before 10:40 reachs a public house
Ceremony (chair assistant to coordinate, begin formally 11:8)
1.All honored guest opens fluorescent switch, the lamplight inside hall is shut
2.Compere begin makes a speech
3.A matron of honour that accompany man comes on the stage ignite candle power a covered corridor or walk (chase after smooth, aerosol to serve)
4.New personality enters, honored guest fluorescence shakes photograph echo welcomes newlywed person (chase after machine of smooth, aerosol, hubble-bubble to serve) (cold fireworks discharge)
5.Marriage oath (chase after machine of smooth, aerosol, hubble-bubble to serve)
6.Card marriage, deliver a speech
7.Promise below the candle power that new personality ignites new life to begin, candle power (chase after machine of smooth, aerosol, hubble-bubble to serve)
8.Crossing-over keepsake (chase after machine of smooth, hubble-bubble to serve)
9.Present a flower to parents (two bundles of carnation)
10.Champagne tower, bridal cake (chase after machine of smooth, hubble-bubble to serve)
11.The bride casts ball-flower (machine of aerosol, hubble-bubble serves)
12.Final Chen Ci, wedding breakfast begins compere
13.Ceremonial ceremony is become, new personality transhipment of through cargo, fill makeup
14.New personality beautiful wine acknowledges guest
Fluorescent wedding is small stick person
1.Offer 100 electrons fluorescence implement
2.Honored guest banquet sets 10 crystal candlestick, deserve to bleach candle with water
3.Honored guest chair sets flower of 10 elegant desks
4.Candlestick of crystal of bridal main body (candle of a 32 Shui Piaozhu, annual ring matchs a flower)
5.Igniter (Han type gas brings firearm, bright beautiful lacy adornment)
6.Backboard is built, double heart of Western-style silk flower pulls gauze design to make, multicoloured illume shoots setting road of 10 small cup, flowers makes the tube 20
7.The flower matchs gauze arch 2, Ou Shixian spends Roman pillar 6, gauze matchs 10 to spend ornamental, marry contract spray paint 1
8.Balloon essence makes up gas of 50 rice, helium to wave ball 100, Western-style new personality uses a flower
9.Gauze of new personality marriage takes red challenge of bottle mark France box of gift of red general of France of edition of collect carefully of 10 bottle, new personality one
10.Banquet of bridal and electroacoustic band, companion is performed
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