Nostalgic restore ancient ways -- folk-custom is bridal
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5. The litter below new personality strides brazier, cross saddle, cluster round in everybody next entering bridal spot

6. Wedding begins, the bride changes dress, propose a toast for guest

7. Marriage banquet ends

New personality enters bridal chamber
Bridal clew:
1.Car still needs to be in city, bridal bridegroom home is apart from the likelihood further, it is commonly receive the bride the place with divorce banquet not remote location, again change bridal sedan chair
2.Since be Chinese style wedding, must accomplish: "Pure " . Dress, make up, setting, prop, want with marriage
Ceremony content be identical, must not Yi Zhongyi on the west, no matter not kind, lose the elegant demeanour of traditional wedding.
3.The marriage that knows Chinese style celebrates compere not much, and this kind of wedding is exquisite very much, formal and trival, the public figure that must ask major is held for you do.

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