The program of Western-style wedding
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Want to understand Western-style wedding, must want to understand its the most primary process first:
1 bridegroom bride heads for cathedral respectively, begin to hold wedding after assemble (it is afternoon commonly) :
2 wedding are chaired by Catholic father or priest commonly, close friend or intentional listen respectfully " good news " the person welcomes attend a ceremony commonly (Italian. Greek except) , new personality of everybody static Hou comes:
3 presider gush after round of mouth water, ask bridegroom whether the bride is willing to accept the other side? (second wonderful occasion is seen constantly on film TV, the bride practices saying ten million is alled over before this commonly " I am willing " 3 words. This also is to escape the last chance of marriage. )
4 say each other " I am willing " later bilateral trade ring, kiss, the wedding after signing provides legal effectiveness;
5 usually, bridegroom bride has partner man respectively. A matron of honour, hua Tongre works, BRIDA PARIY of a general designation
After 6 wedding are finished, before dry person waits, new personality and BRIDAI PARIY go exterior land, park. The special tourist attraction such as the seaside films the bridal picture of natural style, outside wanting the group photo camera lens that take except traditional rite, the others camera lens often extemporaneous play;
7 in the evening, reach BRIDAIPARIY to new personality, bilateral parents assembles at the hotel, bar or dining-room even the seaside opens PARIY, the program is enter -- sit -- the speech that accompany man -- banquet -- cut cake -- new personality jumps the first dance -- ball buffet -- the bride casts ball-flower (bridegroom casts socks to encircle) -- kiss goodbye
8 bridegroom brides go to a hotel or go vacationing night of newly-married of ground spend joyfully